Monday, 7 September 2015

Twelfth and a half interview with HG

1. did you ever like sport at school?

I hardly went to school due to my parents' religious belief, I went to school briefly aged 8 and struggled with sports day, coming last, at the time of course it hadn't been noticed I was asthmatic with leg and spine problems, because my parents didn't believe in doctors or medical help.

2. which sports did you like?

Back then, none, now I love swimming, cycling, football and sailing, but due to my health after the church destroyed me, I can't take part in the last two.

3. do you think that making something "sport" can take the fun element out of a game?

No, from experience, competitive football, running and other sports can be fun.

4. do you watch any of these sports on TV - cricket, tennis, swimming, football, rugby, cycling, running, boxing, snooker?

I rarely focus on tv sport, my ADD means I am too hyperactive to settle and watch these things, I like to watch a bit of Wimbledon but I don't mind not watching it.

5. if so, which do you like, which don't you like?

I like Wimbledon and athletics, I don't dislike sport on tv but I don't really watch it.

6. which is the most useless sport there is?

There can't be a useless sport, otherwise no-one would play.

7. do you ever watch horse racing or grand prix

Horse racing. I like the National and the Derby. 

8. do you have any sporting heroes, current or past?


9. do you think there is too much sport on TV


10.  do you think some sports people, like footballers, get paid much to much money?

No, some train and train with no pay, training before work and school, they have my admiration. For example the Williams sisters were training constantly since they were little girls but of course not for money then. It is a one track life when you live like that, and takes great determination and courage.

11. have you ever played conkers?

Yeah, used to try to eat them too. Haha.

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