Thursday, 10 September 2015

Ashenden googles himself

One of the mysteries of life, why is Gavin Ashenden looking himself up on my blog? Does he want acclaim?

I dunno Ashenden if you really want an article about yourself, I could put together what people have sent me.

Apparently you used to be a very unbiased and inclusive Christian.
You were liked by your friends, some of whom have contacted me.

You were married and your wife's bipolar disorder became very serious and she threatened suicide a lot.
Incredibly, after a very stressful time where your wife's illness caused you very much stress, especially the suicide threats, she recovered.
And left you.

It is thought by the various people contacting me about your rabid behaviour of recent years, that that episode with your first wife was what tipped you over into your own mental illness that manifests as the rabid rantings and attacks that you are known for now.

When you judge everyone else as you do, you omit the fact that you are a divorcee and remarried and thus not in a position to lay down the law at all regarding Christianity. But I think you are too far gone to either understand or stop your wrong behaviour.

Anyway, while you were chaplain at the University in Sussex, you were seen to change from inclusive and liberal to rabid and unforgiving, biased and judgemental.

This is apparently why you had to leave there.

And Jersey of course being the trash can for priests with misconduct records who are not actually welcome to preside anywhere else but are welcomed to Jersey as the Church there is very different from the norm.

Since going to Jersey you have blatantly and constantly attacked minority groups and vulnerable people and rubbished abuse victims and their feeling, you have been openly racist and homophobic. Your rants and the fact that they are met by silence in the church of england, who proceed to proclaim 'great safeguarding' in Jersey, are a terrible reminder that the Church of England is not a Christian church.

Why are you googling your reaction to immigrants or searching my blog for it?
I have no idea if you ranted about immigrants or if you decided to do the church's usual PR trick of pretending to 'care very deeply'. Honestly, you are not very important, Ashenden, I pity you, I don't waste blog time and space on you.
It is true that people in the Diocese of Normandy have complained about your rude and arrogant behaviour and taking over there, but they contacted the wrong person, I am not your boss.
And regarding your Xenophobia, why did you go to Yemen? Just an all-expenses paid trip like when you go to Normandy?

You know and can't hide from yourself that your dishonesty and judgement of others and bad behaviour won't go away when you stand before God, and He will ask why you have abused me and others and continued to the charade of representing Him. And He will hold you responsible. The Queen won't be there to protect you then, neither will anyone in law or the church. If you really believe in God while you behave so badly, what is he going to say to you about the way you have behaved towards me in the media when I had no voice? What is he going to say about your engineered Steel report?

Seeing as you are looking yourself up on my blog, I hope this satisfies your cravings. You are not really worth my time or a proper article. If you were, I would print what was sent to me, a bit like you wanting the Steel report published to destroy me and cover up for the Dean's wrongdoing.

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