Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Church and the election

Once upon a time in Jersey, a Vicar tried to openly influence the local election because two candidates were part of the church. He got promoted by the church and treated royally.
The elections in Jersey are and always have been, influenced by the church.
As are the elections in the UK.

But what puzzles me is, why, not so long ago, were the Church of England publicly making a fuss and making people think they were supporting Labour and trying to out the Conservatives?
And then all of a sudden the Church Times were gushing about how 'The CofE and the Conservatives are natural partners?

Really odd.
If the CofE lose the protection they get from Pickles who shows what Christianity is not, while claiming to hate atheists, and Theresa May, the Vicar's daughter who allows Butler to interfere in the National CSA inquiry to protect the church, and others, then they will be worse off. Not to mention Cameron claiming to be a Christian.

The Church are as self-interested as usual, they couldn't care less that the conservative government have killed and are killing people with a harsh and unjust benefits system. I was brought up conservative to the death, but there is no way I can uphold a party that kills people because they are not fit to work, that kind of regime belongs in the dark ages.
So I am not the slightest bit surprised that the Church of England support the conservatives and swing votes for them.

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