Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A succinct Statement

After several years of huge and horrendous mess in the press, complaints, legal action and cover-ups, the privately educated old boys, Sir Mark Hedley, Sir McFarlane, and unSir Carew-Huges, fail to see what all the fuss is about, ahh the benefits of private education and comfortable lives! Of course they can't see what the poor old Bishop of Winchester has done wrong!
Of course a million pounds of the church's money wasted on a whitewash and a conflicted report that breach the data protection act, cover up for wrong doing and exclude the voice of the alledged complainant while leaving her defamed and open to smears and hatred and violations of her personal life are OK by the honorable McFarlane, Hedley and Hughes-Carew! As are the Bishop of Winchester's lies and misleading of the press.
 And his failure to discipline his safeguarding director for serious misconduct and allowing her to be involved and influence a matter in which she was conflicted, had a need to cover up for herself and acted illegally while doing so.
Because how can wealthy, narrow old men do anything but close ranks and protect their own kind against a poor and vulnerable person, who they cannot, from their backgrounds, possibly understand?!

Can I have comments and feedback from the general public and human rights activists on whether or not this is a succinct statement please?

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