Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Archbishop's usual...

Attention seeking in the press.

THe Archbishop claims to be 'doing war on the tax dodgers'.

Ahh, he can start with his own church, a wealthy and powerful corporation, which uniquely claims to be a charity, whilst also being a government department, while sitting on billions of pounds of wealth that Tony Baldry gets to play with!

And isn't the Archbishop also contradicting himself as usual by claming to declare war on the businesses who he also tries to curry favour from to keep his defunct 'Church' Going?

With his constant contradictions, of himself, his church and the Bible, will he not be remembered as 'Archbishop Contradiction'?
As well as 'Archbishop Wonga' of course!

'Let them eat cake
the Bishops cried

Thinking they'd get
the plebs on their side

The plebs took one look
at the wealthy old club

and thirsted after righteousness
down the pub

Archbishop Wonga knew hye had failed
so he put his head in his hands and wailed

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