Thursday, 12 February 2015

Anything and Everything

Good evening,

Sometimes I just feel like writing about anything and everything. It's an Ould habit.

Church joke (They must be joking):
Let's start with The CofE's latest desperate ploy to get people into church - using comedy. It is tempting to make a cheap shot and say that the Church of England are a joke as it is, but that would be shallow, I will instead a-muse on the situation :)

Firstly, I wish the church well in their comedy, but, they already have a tradition, in my experience, of inappropriate anecdotes and poor taste jokes during sermons, and they have been doing this throughout the time I have known them, and I don't think it changes a thing, but it does detract from what the sermon and service should be focussed on.
God isn't a joke. Yes, a service can be lighthearted, humerous, but the Church are so desparate, that they are in danger of undermining the purpose of the church service, and they already undermine it with Vicars and curates waffling on in anecdotes about their own lives that they think are funny and the congregation dutifully laughs, I have heard so many rubbish jokes, especially from George Lihou and Mike Taylor, jokes copied from a book, incongruent, badly told, not funny and making the service worthless. Where does the Church of England get money to employ comedians to teach their Priests to make services comical, when they are not paying compensation to the abuse victims that Justin Welby 'Weeps over'.

Jeff Southern, Jersey Politics (Maybe the Church can learn comedy from Jersey Politics).

Who is he? A Mezecite, I think, and Mezec is praising the Establishment in his latest blog, apparently the States members are all sudden loyal and dedicated people, doing their best for Jersey, Mezec is obviously running for Senator soon, because he has changed his tune.
I had a dream the other night that someone told me to speak to Jeff Southern, or is it Geoff Southern, about the Church matter, the person in the dream was so adamant, but dammit, no one has a solution to the massive corruption and abuse of power that is behind the actions of Jersey States, Judiciary and Police members who have destroyed me. No-one, and there will never be justice. Southern is only a deputy, what can he do? Apart from spout hot air like Higgins does at regular intervals.

Adoptive parents:

As you know, if you read my blogs, I am an adoptive daughter, and my adoptive mum proudly told that to everyone I introduced her to on Monday :) I love my Muvver.

As you know, I have been widely maligned for being naïve enough to let people, the Montagues, Lihous and Avertys, take over my life and call themselves 'family' to me, and each time they have taken me over, tried to magically cure me, got a lot of defensive anger for me and vilified and branded me for it, all three couples in collaboration with the political-judiciary circle from Jersey.

The Church of England keep mumbling a numb, dumb press release about how 'vulnerable adults sometimes get taken in and boundaries are crossed'. This is in line with their apartheid on poor and single vulnerable adults, maybe they should come into the real world, where a mixed up church contains a lot of bored old people and few vulnerable people, and the old people try to 'cure' the vulnerable, forcefully, Godding them and their problems to the point of abuse, and being disappointed and blaming the vulnerable person for responding with anger and distress.

You cannot cure a childhood of abuse by taking over the vulnerable adult, trying cackhandedly to act as a parent to them and putting them in a childhood position, not being prepared for the response as you make them a child again, cure for trauma does not come sweet and quiet, it comes through rage and grief. And these idiots, the Montagues, Lihous and Avertys, set the situations up, themselves, and felt proud of themselves, as they destroyed me and widely vilified me for my response, especially as there was sexual abuse in the case of the Montagues and Avertys, and dangerously irresponsible actions in all cases.

I know I have described this before in the post about my adoptive parents now, but it is incredible how different the situation has been with my adoptive Mum and her husband, who have been my friends since early 2011.
The adoptive parents didn't take over my life, in fact their boundaries and emotional competence in my case have been outstanding. They didn't do as the Church of England do, they didn't bulldoze, take over and expect miracles and vilify me for my reaction.
They became my friends, they did not take me over, and they proved trustworthy when the Diocese tried to take them from me by slander.

 The Church of England's well off congregations really do not understand the poor and vulnerable and so they are an embarrassment.
The only way anyone can help me is if they are trustworthy, and do not spread my confidences round the community and leave me belittled and abuse me. My now adoptive parents are trustworthy, and the people who took me over in the Church of England were not.

So when will the Church of England, who can't see past the ends of their noses, stop being a comedy act and actually look at the faults that their Church is riddled with and stop stoning me? They need to start by selling everything they own so that they can start to understand the poor and follow Christ's teachings.

The Death of a Homeless Hero:

Anne Naysmith. This inspirational and much loved lady demonstrated how long term homelessness can be caused, and how it can be addictive, and sustainable.
It was hard for me to learn to live indoors after over three years homeless. And even now, I sometimes think it would be easier to simply sleep rough.


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