Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Archbishop's Career

The Archbishop is still spouting propaganda and lies in the paper, and it distresses me, 
I am still living under a death sentence,
why haven't my complaints been dealt with?
Why am I not free from the diocese of winchester and why is welby still being allowed to make a fool of himself?
Wasn't destroying me and leaving me homeless, destitute and shattered enough? Why did the church have to forcibly make me relive their side of things while I was left voiceless? And why am I still under a death sentence and not allowed to live? 
There is no organization, not even the Mafia, more evil than the Church who pretend to be Christians as they kill and destroy, who have the power to whine about caring for the vulnerable while destroying them and catering only for the wealthy.

Justin Welby's attentions seeking career:

  • Sets the scene by claiming not to believe in God - Time for him to resign if this was a Christian church, but he is there as a banker, a capitalist, to live off the wealth of the church and try to further it. 
  • He becomes Archbishop Wonga as he does his first real 'foot-in-mouth-because-he didn't research' - Time for him to resign again. He weakly flails and whines in response, claiming he will do Wonga out of business. Yes, so he is a banker, a capitalist, why is he running the church of England?
  • He and Paul Butler decide to curry public favour and kick Chichester victims in the face.
  • He and Paul Butler decide to curry favour and destroy me all over again with whitewashes in the news while I am homeless, voiceless and subject to a smear campaign that includes hatred and judgement from church people who have never met me.
  • The Archbishop continues to whitter and spout for two years while allowing me to be destroyed.
  • The Archbishop and Paul Butler run a full-on duplicity and currying attention and favour at the expense of victims spree, in the national press, while leaving me to be destroyed
  • December 2014. Justin Welby publicly defames his Father, in a whining attention-currying national press article. Any true Christian would be disgusted and ask this man to resign, but sadly most of the wealthy old ladies that make up the main body of the church of england would be too baffled 'What is the Archbishop talking about?' and pass over the article, while sheeple probably sent him lots of sympathetic letter, but the world overlooked the fact that he was breaking one of the Ten Commandments.
  • 2015. The Archbishop's duplicity campaign in full swing, he sets up a lot of publicity making a Bishop out to be a victim at Downing Street, Attacking the government, along with his fellow Archbishop, and with a second wave of their 'Vote Labout Sheeple! We don't want to be internally investigated!' Campaign.
  • The Archbishop shows off in the press, pretending to care about the vulnerable, no mention of me or Theresa Cooper. And the old ladies who make up the body of the church of England scratch their heads and go 'That young Archbishop! What does vulnerable mean?' While the sheeple fall and worship the church of England.
  • The Archbishop does another 'didn't bother to research, foot in mouth' over 'The living wage', because he is a banker and a labour politician who likes click words.
  • Then the Sun expose him as a hypocrite.
  • Then the Archbishop's script writer gets him to whine to pre-empt 'allegations of hypocrisy' which is the trademark pre-emptive dupliciousness of Butler, Welby and their fellow privately educated men. So the Archbishop's script writer is good, but the 'allegations of hypocrisy' are not allegations, they are true and correct statements that the Archbishop is a hypocrite. He cannot go on running a national club for the elderly and wealthy, that has an apartheide against the vulnerable, and still pretend to care about them, it makes him a hypocrite, he has left me suffering and yet he has time to show off in the paper, he is a hypocrite, he pays his staff badly and he publicly condemns others, he attacks tax dodgers and he is a millionaire tax-dodger running a millionaire tax dodging corporation himself. An organization claiming to be Christian and behaving constantly badly, heniously, exclusively, making the vulnerable unwelcome and to blame through apartheide 'safeguarding' policies and unwelcoming old wealthy people. So, whoever the script writer is for Wellby, they should be congratulated, but the more he shouts in the press without putting his brain in gear, the more of a fool he is making of himself and the church he was due to resign from when he denied God.
Would someone get the Archbishop to be quiet, resign or start making his church into something that actually gives him any right to criticize others?

The Archbishop claims to be 'declaring war on tax dodgers', apart from that meaning he is declaring war on himself, doesn't that mean he is declaring war on Philip Bailhache and Jersey who he went belly-up to, when Philip Bailhache turned up on his doorstep with illegally obtained material and a one sided concoction to clear the Dean? 
The Archbishop responded by clearing the Dean and allowing me to be publicly destroyed.
So, who is he declaring war on?  He is reminiscent of a puffed-up cockerel crowing loudly at a fox that is outside the hen-coop. It's all noise and bravado and it is making him look like an aimless attention seeking idiot.

The open letter to the Archbishop has just been amended: 

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