Saturday, 28 February 2015

I think it is time...

That we collated some concerns about Philip Bailhache's misconducts?

I can imagine, just as when I suggested a justice protest in Jersey, all the anonymous commentators will start whimpering and trying to hide.
So, OK, I will start a blog, and contributors are welcome,
the more you live in fear of his wrath, the more you are enabling him.
Look at his public character assassination of me. I am still standing.
or I will simply nick your material anyway if you don't contribute.

Philip Bailhache has abused his power and harmed me to protect wrongdoers,
and has put other children and vulnerable people at risk,
and has insulted and harmed other Jersey abuse survivors,
and has tried to prevent justice for them.

I will do a blog.

And hope it takes off.

I will read it on an airoplane as I return to Jersey, or was that fly from Jersey?

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