Saturday, 10 January 2015

why has the church of england suddenly started reading my blog?

Dear Bishop Dakin,

In August 2013 I made a complaint against Jane Fisher, 
You didn't deal with it and it still hasn't been dealt with, she has been left to continue to be involved in my case even though she is conflicted by the fact she has commited misonduct and has been able to cover up for herself at my  expense by continuing to be involved in the Jersey matter, while pretending to 'care' about me as she has throughout her six year destroyal of me.

It remains that there is a complaint and it hasn't been dealt with, so all the PR and showing off in the world only puts you in the wrong and shows you as Godless and without integrity.
I am re-iterating my complaint, but as you and Elizabeth Hall and Bishop Butler appear to be protecting Fisher, and you made a cop out of referring her to her 'line manager' who did nothing, and you both allowed her to continue to harm me with an illegal referral to the NSPCC, I am re-iterating this complaint.

This time I am re-iterating the complaint to you, because she is a Church of England Reader, and YOU are her line manager.
You have a reader under you who has harrassed, stalked and destroyed a vulnerable adult, acting ILLEGALLY repeatedly, in liasing with services and authorities, even lying to authorities and the police as she wiped out my friendships and home, defamed me, shamed and slandered, me drove me from all sources of help by slander, libel, defamation and illegal interventions, lied to police and courts of law and made illegal referrals of me such as that to the NSPCC, all the time making me out to be mentally ill.
She has also perverted the course of justice, by witholding evidence that would protect me from defamation by my abuser in Jersey, to which I reacted, but illegally liasing with the police in 2013 so that between them and her, they tried to force me to give evidence against my abuser, which of course I wouldn't under the circumstances, I am not a puppet to be used by the church, although that is what you have been doing, using me as a puppet.
I woouldn't give evidence after the way the church and police have treated me, what you have done is far far worse that the churchwarden sexually abusing me, and especially what Jane Fisher has done is far far worse than sexual abuse.

You are employing a reader who had knowingly and deliberately inflicted severe harm on me, not least to cover her back, your back and Scott-Joynt's back, and you have not at any time interviewed me regarding this, you massive attack on me in the press with the Fisher-led Korris report, which she influenced to cover her back at my expense, is criminal, as is the fact that i remain voiceless and living in fear of your whitewash Fisher-influenced reports.

So, when are you going to bring justice and let me be heard, when are you going to remove that dangerous woman, Jane Fisher, from church positions, and when are you going to take my story down instead of leaving me defamed by rags like the church times on your behalf?

Last year Jane Fisher jeered by adding me on twitter, boasting on her twitter account that she is matey with your wife, and that she was going to Guernsey, even though the Channel Islands are not under you juristiction any more.
Jane Fisher has actively gathered and furthered defamation of me, is that why she went to Gurnsey? To meet with the Lihou-Honour-Warren family who have harmed me and committed misconduct but Fisher protects them with their side of things but excludes mine, and actively helped Key to use this family against me in Jersey.

If you are not capable of dealing with my complaint against Fisher, as you  weren't capable of overseeing the Channel Islands, then you will have to pass this complaint to another Bishop.
Unfortunately Bishop Trevor would be severely conflicted just as he is in the channel islands complaint, because just as he knows Juliet and Fred Montague who abused me, he also knows Jane Fisher and has worked with her, just as Paul Butler has.
This is why there needs to be an OUTSIDE INVESTIGATION, something the church of England in all their duplicity and dishonesty are not capable of allowing, because they need all the Press reports to be favourable, which is why Justin Welby releases propaganda and flannel on a regular basis to his pet newspaper, the Daily Fail.

If you cannot deal with this matter, and cannot find a non-conflicted Bishop, then there needs to be an outside investigation, of I need to take this matter to a court of law.
As long as you continue the vainglorious boasting in the press, you keep reminding me of your acts against God in defaming and destroying me, leaving me voiceless and upholding my abusers, because that is all you have done with the million pounds you have wasted, showing off in the paper and publicly clearing the Dean before investigating him and having me internationally defamed.

When are you going to act on this matter, or are you really so incompetent that you don't know how? I have made a disciplinary complaint about you, the same disciplinary process you jeered at me because you sit on the complaints panel, and others have made complaints about you, so isn't it ridiculous that you are still at Wolvsley to sign the bit of paper you were showing off in the press about yesterday?

I have made a formal complaint to the police about Fisher, but this is the same police force who, just as you have, refused my side of things, and battered me and locked me in a cell for responding to Fisher and Scott-Joynts continual illegal interventions in my life, and they too upheld Fisher in harming me and in lying to them about it.
Your pretence of caring for me and helping me last year by Jane Fisher's illegal referral of me to the NSPCC was sick, you destroyed me over again, left me voiceless and pretended to help me through an illegal referral without my consent, by a woman who had acted illegally for years and destroyed me.
When are you going to deal with this matter? 
Or are you going to take Jane Fisher's advice that I am 'just attention seeking'?

You would be angry as I am if you had been through what I had and had to see you showing off in the paper when you should have been removed from Wolvlsey by now, while Jane Fisher, who has committed serious misconduct, is still in her position, treating me and the harm she has done to me as a joke, while I have been internationally defamed by the cover-up led by her and damaged for life, and still living in fear of harm from you.

This is a re-iteration of my formal complaint against Jane Fisher. It is in the context of the fact she is an abuser who has acted illegally and is a reader in your Diocese.
Although the fact that you have deliberately refused to deal with a complaint against her as a safeguarding officer is disgusting and you have invalidated your insurance as a result. Also, this matter cannot be dealt with by another church of england safeguarding officer, as they will be conflicted.

The fact that you have made so much loud noise in the press about safeguarding and as yet you are not capable of safeguarding one vulnerable adult is disgusting.
You can deal with this and rectify it or I can take you to court, one thing you are not permitted to do is deliberately harm me through whitewash reports done by colleagues of the Dean or his supporters.



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