Monday, 22 December 2014

Daily Fail - Welby

DEAR 'Welby'

I am horrified to see that  as well as not believing in God, you don't believe in the Ten Commandments either, and are slandering your Father in the National Paper,
although the Daily Fail, your private advertisement and propaganda paper is hardly a paper any more, it is one of the 'rag' papers these days, especially as you appear to pay the Daily Fail to personally show you off, which again is nothing to do with Jesus.
What amuses me though, is, that despite being your personal propaganda paper, they always refer to you as 'Welby' Which is a mark of contempt, to refer to someone by their surname only.
'Welby' This and 'Welby' that, makes you into an object of church propaganda and not a human being, which would explain a LOT.

Don't you think, that since saying you don't believe in God, and now you have stooped to publicly maligning your own parents to get attention and sympathy, you really have sunk to new lows, too low even for Church of England leadership, which is really saying something! 
It is funny how your church didn't even murmur when you said you didn't believe in God.

You really are a very silly and vain man, full of affectation and pretence, and you are making a fool of your church, and it is time you left.

This 'Shake-up' you keep boasting about should include removing you.

Now, go and apologize to your parents, if they are still alive, and if not, you should be even more dreadfully ashamed of yourself and go and confess to a real priest and repent.
Especially as your time spent slandering and libelling your parents should be being spent on resolving the Jersey and Winchester matter.
It is no wonder, if you bad mouth your own parents in public, you have not been able to understand how wrong the actions of the Deanery and DIocese and church times have been against me.

There must be a time when your uncontrolled run of propaganda and lies in the press stops and you start dealing with the very serious issues in your church, such as employing a dangerous liar as a safeguarding officer and employing clergy in Jersey and a Bishop of Winchester who are without a shred of integrity or Christianity.

Use Jesus as a spirit level, would he approve of your continued harm to the vulnerable and your showing off in the press? No, because it is what the Pharisees did.


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