Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas prayers

Good morning.

Lettuce pray:

I pray for the Archbishop who has pneumonia. For a swift recovery.
And for anyone else with pneumonia or illness that has affected their Christmas, for healing and peace.

I pray for all the homeless at Christmas, especially rough sleepers who have lost hope, and see Christmas as a time when all sources of warmth and shelter are closed. Especially those in the snow and bad weather.
I pray for families homeless at this time, for hope, and that they are shown kindness.

I pray for any bereaved at this time, who are grieving, and for whom Christmas is an anniversary of loss. Comfort for them. Amen

I pray for all people who are like the drunk man on Christmas Eve, who see Christmas as a time to get drunk and put their health at risk, so they miss out on the joy and peace of the day. Safety and peace in Jesus Name.

I pray for any person who faces increased abuse or violence at Christmas, anyone who feels in danger or threatened, for their safety. Safety and peace for them, amen

I pray for all who feel lonely, unloved or hopeless. For joy and hope of new beginnings.

I pray for any child who didn't get presents or love on Christmas Day, for love and joy to be theirs from Jesus.

I pray a blessing on all who have helped and supported me this year. Especially Bob Hill and the two people who keep regular email contact with me.

And most of all, I pray that the Church of England repents it's duplicious ways and does indeed restructure, to remove the abuse of power, press propaganda and corruption and wrongful influence.

And I pray for Jersey, where the City of London and the Finance industry and Church decide who governs the island, and Islanders suffer as a result. I pray in Jesus Name for that system to be broken and those who have covered up or excused abuse and protected wrongdoers at the expense of their victims to be called to account. In Jesus Name, amen.

Blessings and peace to all, in Jesus Name, amen

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