Monday, 6 October 2014

God TV?

God TV was often mentioned in the cult churches in Jersey, I wondered why they believed in it so much, I never watched it, but then, I didn't have SKY.

It seemed to me much the same as Premier Christian Radio, which demands money every few minutes and distorts things, including my story.

This surprised me in the Metro this morning, do you know why? Well, the 'exorcising of Demons' from Barack Obama. Because, it reminded me of Jersey's cult, and Gavin Ashenden boasting about exorcising demons.
Never forget, loving God is directly between you and God.
Using God's Name to try and 'cast out demons' when you don't like someone or what they do, is a distortion and an abuse of God.
Anything like that done in the public eye to get attention is not to do with God.

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