Tuesday, 7 October 2014

a letter of complaint

Dear Bishop Dakin,

I am writing for several reasons, 

1.Is that the inaccurate cover up known as the Korris report is still circulating and defaming me, and you are legally responsible for it's circulation and the harm it has done and is doing.
2. Is that sitting waiting for you to destroy me with your whitewashes is telling very badly on my health now and I am being crippled by it, when, if it wasn't for you and your diocese, my life would be paradise, albeit paradise in poverty. You are putting my life and health in danger.
3. Is that you and your diocese have never dealt with my complaints, no whitewash cover up unprofessional or inaccurate reports are an answer to my complaint, from Korris to Bailhache to the illegal Jersey safeguarding whitewash you arranged with the chair of Jersey safeguarding to the Gladwin whitewash mark 2 -Chichester report having been exposed as a cover up.
4. I have asked for an independent investigation, why has that not been answered? Independent means outside the church, which Korris, Steel, Gladwin, etc, are not. And again, the massive misleading of the general public by claming that biased and inaccurate and defamatory reports by non-independent people are independent reports is unChristian.
5. I want an investigation into you, Bishop Dakin, why you were elected Bishop of a Diocese a senior Bishop couldn't handle, and you an inexperienced Bishop have been made famous by your million pound destroyal of a vulnerable adult who did nothing to you, a destroyal in which you ignored every one of Jesus teachings, which makes you invalid as a Bishop.
6. Why am I waiting to be publicly crucified? How does your boast of this matter being about safeguarding tie in with you destroying me publicly? One vulnerable adult who you are forcibly killing and not including her views anywhere. You can't go on leaving me waiting, waking every morning to wonder if this is the day you release the Bailhache report and destroy my world beyond healing. Can you think of anything more nasty, crass and unchristian after all the damage already inflicted by you and your diocese?
7. Bailhache is less likely to be elected chief minister, but I am sure he still wants the report he wrote through Steel, Ahsenden, the Dean's legal team and all the rest of the powerful mason-judiciary-lawyer-states member-church laity and clergy clique. So, when do I and my team get to write a report on a million pounds from you? And if not, explain to me what any of your harm to me has had to do with either safeguarding or Christianity, rather than the reality of it being to do with money, power, politics, arrogance, money, lies in the press and cover ups.
8. Why has my complaint against Jane Fisher been completely ignored? Why was she allowed to continue to harass me after covering up for herself through the Korris report and undoubtedly through the more recent reports? Why has Bishop Butler, her old colleague from Southampton, and Elizabeth Hall protected her as she has continued to violate me?


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