Monday, 29 September 2014

The Former Bishop of Winchester

People are expecting me to comment on the death of the former Bishop of Winchester.

What can I say? He and Jane Fisher didn't just criminally fail to deal with my abusers and supported them. They also destroyed me.

Bishop Scott-Joynt has never repented his wickedness and has lived in luxury, leaving me destroyed, so although he has never faced any justice or discipline on earth for destroying me while living in luxury and showing off in the press, he will be facing God and will not being going to heaven.
He wasn't going to live long after retirement.
I am sure we will have loads of sickening press releases praising him up for living in luxury and failing his duty and failing in Christianity and there will be great mourning and lavish memorial services.

Don't forget the story of Lazarus and the Rich man. Bishop Scott-Joynt is that rich man.

I recall Lou Scott-Joynt trying to tell me that her husband never wanted to be Bishop, that it hadn't been good.
Funny because the palace, money and fine food seemed to go down well with him. Why did he not resign when he was obviously not up to the job?

My sympathies to his poor wife. She, despite being grossly misled about me by her husband and Jane Fisher, did her Christian best.

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