Sunday, 28 September 2014

A little letter

Dear recipients, 

Can I ask why Paul Butler is able to use abuse victims and the national inquiry to gain publicity for the church and show off for the church?
There are real human beings out here who have been abused, destroyed and silenced by the church and yet each cover-up merchant chosen to head the inquiry is a church of england member who can conveniently whitewash for the church and let them off the hook, as Butler continues his spin and people like me remain silenced and destroyed.

But what about their silenced, condemned and destroyed abuse survivors, how long do we have to vomit Butler out of our lives as he continues his spin and church-glorifying?

How long will this corrupt and defunct government department continue to ridiculously control the press and the public and be able to intervene and distort inquiries such as the national child abuse inquiry? It is ridiculous, considering the fact that they are an abusive and dishonest and corrupt corperation and that they are responsible not just for abuse but for making victims suffer, me included, as the church continue to destroy me.
Why should they either influence the press for their own ends or the CSA inquiry?

Fiona Woolf is a church position holder, a PCC member, so, how can she investigate her own church? We would end up with a repeat of Baroness Butler-Sloss and the 'Oh, I can't give the press a Bishop' whitewash.

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