Saturday, 3 May 2014

Good things about the Church of England

  1. The Church of England is dying out and more people are questioning it -I will get blared at by the old dears for this comment.
  2. There is a good book actually written by Anglicans. It is a bit heavy weather and involved (stuffy) because it is written by Anglicans, but nonetheless, someone needed to write it. It is called 'An Inclusive God'.

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  1. I'd also recommend "The Vicar's FAQ" by Caroline Symcox, Anglican but not stuffy - "all you every wanted to know about Christianity and the Church". Caroline is also the author of the Big Finish Dr Who Audio CD - "The Council of Nicaea", a historical drama with Dr Who (the 5th Doctor) which actually brings the history to life. Recommended, especially for Dr Who fans!

    But the book is readable, punctuated in the right places with humour, and well worth reading even for Catholics. She's inclusive as well, but not stuffy.