Monday, 28 April 2014

An honourable mention, Planet Jersey being agreeably noisy again :),55.msg59022.html#msg59022

I said I would write some more on the 'lets be honest about Jersey' post, but I am tired and busy, so I may not get much done.

The CofE belong in the dark ages when discrimination which they still practice today was more normal, when slavery that they supported, was legal, and when they could turn away deceased illegitimate children from burial in churchyards.

The CofE still want to behave as if these are the bad old days, when they could abuse their power.

And here is some rubbish about the latest Archbishop to fail abuse survivors while making a show of helping them.
The smooth rubbish and his show of being 'down with the people' makes me sick.
The CofE are not 'down with the people' it is all just show.

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