Friday, 18 April 2014

Anything and everything

Good morning,
This blog has rested for some time as I am too ill to do much with it.

I was just researching spiritual abuse yesterday when I came across this site, it is a bit more extreme than Battered Sheep Ministries

I should say something about Good Friday and Easter. But I can't think of anything, I went to communion last night but I don't feel well enough to go to any service today.

I have very little memory of Good Friday, I remember vaguely, helping with the Easter Garden at JM's church, and the big showing off that the Lihous and their church used to do, which was more about them than Jesus. I have no other recollection of Good Friday. Although I believe last Good Friday, the Diocese were crucifying me, and I expected the same again, last year I had pneumonia and this year I have a chest infection.

Funny how things change. Last year homeless but blissfully happy in my community until the Diocese wrecked my world, this year I am housed, sitting in bed sick and wishing I could be back a year ago and happy.
I kind of knew indoors would leave me sick and despairing, that's why I stayed out there.

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