Friday, 7 March 2014

Lets go back 17, back to my past aged 21+ injury time

I was still at college in the evenings and enjoying it, it was a long tiring Journey in the evening after work, the 10 or so miles to college on my little motorbike, but I kept plodding along, I enjoyed my coursework and progressed nicely, doing a soil profile pit in the grounds at work and other such things.
The problem with the course though, was that they were trying to teach a two year course in a year, and they realised that too late, it was a new course and had not been planned well, and the tutor spent a tremendous amount of time waffling about his life, his experiences, his wife’s wealthy family and his ten year old grandson or was it nephew looking at porn on his computer and other useless things, as well as making rude and sexist jokes with the men in the class, he thought women in horticulture was a joke, so we barely learned the first of four modules that should have been learned in the year, and I could not keep up the momentum of coming all that way for the eight or so ‘extra sessions’ which he promised, especially as some of these were at the weekend, and I was freelance working in L. and S. every weekend.

 The weekends were special it was all about being back in my old community and mixing valuable freelance work with time with friends and church. I used to have breakfast with JM on Saturday morning after the dog walk, and then jokingly tell her I was off to my next breakfast, which made her laugh too, in reality I then went to do my freelance work, which took up long hours at the weekend and was only interrupted by morning and evening church on Sunday, and any community and church events I had agreed to help with.

I took and passed one module exam for the course, this was the module that the tutor did actually finish teaching us, I took this exam the day after a motorbike accident, and I was sitting in casualty revising instead of being in college, It was a cold icy day, and my motorbike skidded on black ice and I ended up on the road with the bike on top of me, I was lucky, I got away with bruises and a cracked arm, it didn’t even need bandage or plaster, but since then I can tell the weather by that arm, it aches when rain is on the way, or in very cold weather, the exam went well, though I never got to do the training and the other exams for that rather screwed up course, it was the first year that the course had been run and they misjudged the time it would take to teach it and the following year they changed it to a two year course, I was and am disappointed, but the sweet thing about that exam day was that JM came up and bought me lunch afterwards. We had lunch in the college canteen.
She said I looked dreadful and she was surprised I made it to the exam.

A week later I had another accident, I was working with (two colleagues), we were cutting back conifer trees so that they could be felled, as far as I remember what happened was that I fell backwards from the tree that I was working on and caught under my shoulderblade on the next tree that had been cut back, it was one heck of a blow to the shoulderblade and under it, and I nearly fainted, this was on the opposite arm from the motorbike injury,  it took my colleagues a minute to realise that I was injured, and then I had to go off duty.

 I saw a doctor but my doctor’s surgery was not a good one, it was dirty, always overcrowded and the doctor was always about half an hour late, the doctor had no time for me and told me that I would be fine in a day or two, sadly it was years before this injury was repaired, so she was wrong.

I went back and struggled through work, I was still recovering from the motorbike accident, and my supervisor was having problems in her private life and had no patience with me at all, so I tried hard to work, scared of the supervisor, and went back to the doctor who referred me to the hospital for physiotherapy, yay.

I had to wait, and then months of physio barely helped my shoulder, and I had to be careful with my work, I lost some movement in the arm and it hurt, then one day I saw an advert for a private clinic that helped with injuries, they seemed to have good accredition and were offering a special budget plan where you pay a monthly fee and that covered the cost of as much help as you needed, desperate for a solution I enquired, and they registered me and assessed my injury, the therapist explained to me the nature of the injury and how things were out of place in the injury site, no one else had explained anything or tried to put things back in place, not even the physios at the hospital, nice as they were.

This man carefully manipulated the out of place things into place, warning me to be careful for a while or it might come back out of place, and he kept working on it, and to my surprise, it got better, I had got to a point where I thought it was a lifelong injury and that it would end my career, but wow, I recovered, this was some time after the injury though, so it had affected my performance for a few years. And the clinic fees were yet another drain on my resources.

(Just adding to this above, which was written in 2011, the clinic kept taking money from my bank after I had cancelled the plan, which was a pain, and it is very possible some of the residual problems I have with my neck stem from that old injury).

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