Friday, 14 February 2014

emails me and JM while I was in Jersey

From:**** *******(**********@*********)
Sent:12 October 2007 09:54:21
To:**** ****** ***** (*********@********)
I won't be back until near christmas as far as I know, but I will spend more time talking to you then, now that I have settled some things in England. I look forward to seeing Darcy, he has great potential.
I have sent you the cheque, but it may well be delayed by strike backlog, please let me know when you get it, so peace of mind.
I am now contactable on ***** ******, this is a Jersey Airtel mobile, so not sure of cost yet, but I can be quickly contacted in an emergency, and can phone the UK cheaply. please pass the number on to the scooby gang if you like.
My car is in the garage today, so please pray for that.

Love and blessings,

***** x
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To: '****  ******'

Picture of Revd Juliet Montague

It was lovely to see you *****, you looked better than I have seen you for a very long time, and much happier. It was great to see you buzzing about in your usual hectic way. Come and see us again soon.

Lots of love from me,  and a woof from Darcy,


Thank you so much for having me to stay and putting up with my strange timetable. Home safe and tired, on overtime this week as short staffed, yipee.
A cheque for the balance is on its way, will reach you by half past october according to your postal strike. The ferry was comfy. zzzzzzzzz.

Lots of love and blessings,


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