Saturday, 9 November 2013

lies that my destroyers tell

Good morning,

Apparently deputy Mike Higgin's question in the States last week about me being deported destitute and in my pyjamas and left alone at Southampton Airport, homeless and destitute, sparked denials from Home Affairs Minister Ian lemarquand, who is a reader in the church and friend of my abuser.
This also led to more unhelpful newspaper articles, denials that I was deported and loud shouts about me pleading guilty. But as we know, the Jersey media are not independent and the JEP is run by my abuser's brother.

Firstly, bewildered and traumatized in prison, I did exactly as I was told by the advocates who failed in any way to defend me, including pleading guilty.
Secondly it is fact that I was arrested in my pyjamas, spent two weeks in prison in my pyjamas and was deported in my pyjamas and landed in England destitute and in pyjamas, with no bra, and a bag containing unwearable clothes that the police had flung together, my passport and a bank card, and possibly a little bit of money that my friend had lent me for food in prison, which was returned to me when I left prison, I did not get the money back that the police appear to have stolen from my room, nor did I get my posessions back, I was indeed left destitute.

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