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A letter to the Bishop of Winchester regarding his abuse of me and abuse of power in public office, sent CC the police, who cannot continue to withold action against the Bishop. 22/10/17

Dear Bishop Tim Dakin,

You are aware of my distress at your wrong behaviour, and you are aware of Bob Hill being forced to defend my life with his own, nearly losing his life, and being left severely disabled. As you are aware of this, and of your dishonesty in publicly destroying me, there is no excuse for your silence as I go on suffering. You have a duty of care, and your dishonesty against me publicly has not been resolved. So your silence is inappropriate and an abuse.

In 2013 you launched on me and you launched on the man who had me destroyed. I was street homeless, profoundly traumatized, and without any access to help due to your Diocese having me branded and driven from services that would have helped me. However, the man who destroyed me, who you also launched upon, had money, power, a home paid for by the church, lawyers, powerful friends in government, and all the tools needed to ensure that your attack on us both was turned solely upon me, and I was destroyed publicly for three years by him and his clergy and laity, and by you, as you scapegoated me to cover your misconduct in your public launch against me.

Your scapegoating because you were unwilling to be responsible for your wrongdoing, led to Bob Hill giving up his retirement to fight for me, his integrity and courage earned him 31 years in the MET police with a BEM for his work with the vulnerable, and nearly 20 years in the States, challenging the evil and corrupt men who you enabled to destroy me. Your dishonesty and cowardice cost a good man his life, a man who didn't wear frocks and stand in front of an elderly and narrowminded congregation as part of an untruth as you do, but a man who instead lived what Jesus preached and exampled while you treated and treat what Jesus taught and exampled with contempt, indeed what you have done is abuse, and 18 months of you continuing to preach and hold office after what you have done is a very terrible thing in God's eyes. You took my life to protect yourself, and you think you can represent Christ? 

In order to represent Christ, you have to take responsibility and punishment for what you have knowingly done.
In everyday life, if I am recognized, people repeat the church's hateful public condemnation of me back to me, because my side wasn't recorded to balance things out, each time that happens, I am destroyed and it nearly causes instant suicide, and will cause instant suicide at some point as I am worn down You are responsible, you had me destroyed over the destruction of me already carried out by the church.
What you have done against me is a prolonged act of criminal harm, abuse, harassment. 

Your predecessor, Scott-Joynt had already destroyed me for his failures, having me brutalized, imprisoned, left homeless, slandered to homeless services, my community, friends and family, but he died in denial but without being able to escape the fact that he had done wrong, all the applause for him on earth is worth nothing as his lack of repentance has taken him to hell. 

But you took everything he and the rogue safeguarding director Jane Fisher did to me and used it to publicly destroy me, spewing their side of things into every press and media without redaction, apology or mercy. You ignored my screams of anguish with a coldness that belies your more recent forced pretences of care, and you destroyed everything I tried to build, taking my life, friends, home, work, and most recently my university studies, because I couldn't sustain those things against your harm to me.

During the three years in which you had me publicly destroyed and hid behind your expensive PR firm and lawyers, spewing out discrediting lies about me and my case to protect yourself while I suffered beyond belief, you failed to make sure I had the same voice and PR representation, you had a lone homeless vulnerable adult destroyed, without apology, without redactions or corrections and without her voice being published in her defence, what you did was an ultimate act of cruelty and abuse, on a par with chaining a dog and kicking it in the face relentlessly, and yet the police would have been quicker to take action if you had done that to a dog, than they are being with what you have done to a human being.
The National Safeguarding Team's liaison with you to hush the matter up at my expense and defend your open abuse of me, has severely damaged me and invalidated them, they have reverted to your and their policy of silence to make the victim go away, a national church of england policy, but, it has not made your responsibility or the injustice go away. They should all have left their positions for aiding you in your attempt on my life and the cover-ups as well as behaving as they have, and putting a vulnerable life in danger and condoning your abuse. But you remain unrepentant, unpunished, and most importantly, liable.
Your silence will never make this matter go away, what it will do will make people ask why you were silent as I suffered, when your liability is obvious, and why you went on officiating without a conscience.
You remain obliged, if you are to go on officiating, to provide equivalent money and resources for my side of things to be heard in the press and media on the same level as you allowed my abusers and their supporters to be upheld in the press and media for three years. 

You are also obliged to remove the Korris report from online, state my views on it and offer a public apology and redaction, you haven't done so, and your fake apologies for the benefit of your back-covering press releases don't count.
You need to show integrity in explaining that your public whipping of me stemmed from the cover up of your rogue safeguarding officer who destroyed me to protect the church, while she was also a reader in your diocese, and although her wrongdoing was open, you ignored my complaints against her and didn't publicly flog her or anyone else who had harmed me, I alone was publicly horsewhipped for the church's crimes, on top of the church's cruel and remorseless destruction of me which the Korris report was created and shared internationally to cover up for and permanently shame and silence me.

I gather you were banking on my suicide in the first year, 2013, so that you could unchallenged destroy me in  death, it hasn't worked out, although I am living death, and I want justice before I die, and I hold you solely responsible for the whole matter. I want your resignation and I want police action against you. And I don't care that the church's vast interconflicted power and fear of the church has meant that the police and all other agencies and bodies have refused to act upon your harm to me so far, you have taken my life and left me living death, and you go and stand in church and try to preach about Jesus, when no risk assessment has been done on you for your callous severely destructive harm to me. You have shown such disregard for my life and wellbeing, despite all your incredibly hypocritical pretences, that, as I told the University of Winchester, no matter what their bias in favour of the church is, you pose a safeguarding risk to vulnerable students.

You also pose a risk to the vulnerable in any church-related organization, and children in schools, one of the reasons that offending by clergy is so prolific is that the church don't safeguard, and no organization dares to stand up to the church, and all of you abusive clergy can access the vulnerable easily through church-linked organizations, and that will continue until the church are regulated to prevent lawless interconfliction and clergy use of institutions for the vulnerable as unpaid brothels. What you have done to me is on a par with any clergyman abusing a vulnerable adult in those settings, no worse, most don't boast about their abuse in the press and media as you did while you abused me.

Your more recent safeguarding officer, Jackie Rowlands has exampled how nothing has changed in safeguarding since rogue safeguarding officer Jane Fisher, who destroyed me, left quietly without being subject to any embarassment for her conduct, think of that in the context of the way you destroyed me, Fisher broke the law with impunity to drive and hound me even after she had made me homeless, her actions would have driven most to suicide, just as yours would. You tried to ignore the complaint against her and allowed her to go on being harmfully involved against me in your destruction of me, until she quietly left, no defamation of her in the press as there was with me, nor too, was the real reason Bob Key left his position advertised, he was also lauded and upheld, not even held to account by the press and media who you destroyed me with.

Jackie Rowlands has tried to ignore my disclosure of abuse against you, tried to do as your staff and the national safeguarding team do to me and other victims, put the phone down and ignore emails. Safeguarding who? Well, the wrongdoers in the church, as ever. Jackie Rowlands in blocking me and upholding you, has, the same as the national safeguarding team, failed in her position, harmed a vulnerable adult and declared herself unfit to work with the vulnerable as she protects abusers.

On the subject, the police need to ask about your most recent police attack by the way. More questions about who set it up, and at what time, because your police attack was an act of harassment, based on dishonesty, you lied to the police, again, and on top of your police attack last year, leaving me homeless for the second time in a year, needs to be looked at very closely, the church do not have the right to be above the law or use the police for their own service, and you have lied to the police in order to entrap me to suit yourselves. You have used the police against me with impunity, adding to your destruction beyond anything a human being can cope with, and yet, they have so far, jumped at your orders and failed to investigate you or charge you with abuse. And they must now do so.

The damage that you and every complicit agency or authority have done in abuse, allowing abuse, branding me, and not stopping harm to me, is so severe and so compounded that there is no recovery, hope or future for me. Your dishonesty-based attempt to tell the police that I would self harm is absolutely ludicrous and hypocritical considering the callous way you have taken my life, left me living death and destroyed everything I built up.

Your safeguarding officer, Jackie Rowlings has been obliged to investigate and take action, and she hasn't done so. It is time for her to leave for a more suitable position that does not involve the lives and safety of the vulnerable, and it is time for you to stop hiding behind the other  criminal wrongdoers such as the Archbishop and the Bishop of Bath and Wells or your lawyers or PR firms or 'advisors', what you have done is wrong, criminally so, and it hasn't gone away and it won't go away, it is time for you to do the decent thing, make sure my side is heard, resign from ordained positions - the church are obliged to remove you but haven't - and make sure the police hear the full story of your abuse of me.

While I wait for justice and you to take responsibility, I suffer, and you know I suffer, and you know that you are responsible. And yet you have continued to officiate at services, and even show off in the press, with that silly posed picture of yourself. Narcissism and psychopathy are not pretty qualities and do not look good posed in the press.

Please don't keep me living death. Ultimately, as I have said to you, the best thing for me will be my death, because my soul is destroyed beyond healing, and if only the police had done their job and restrained you and your clergy and laity in 2013, I could still have lived, damaged forever, but I could have rebuilt, I know that because I went on trying, building, even as you destroyed me, but you kept on and on taking my life away, until it got too late.
You repeatedly made it impossible for me to continue therapy, I invested time, money and trust in that therapy, and to see it broken because of your agenda in destroying me and covering up for the church's wrongdoing was catastrophic.
Are you aware, as the police should be, that I intend to go to Dignitas because your three year abuse of me took my life beyond healing? And are you also aware that suicide is legal in the UK, as long as it isn't assisted? This being the case, why did you and Jackie and Jane and Graham act dishonestly over claiming I was harming myself? The police need to know times, who was involved, and why. Self-harm of any kind is not illegal, abuse is, and you have abused me. You destroyed me, now why didn't the police call on you to arrest you for assisted suicide when your attempt on my life 18 months ago should have killed me.

Now, the police must act. And bring this horror story to an end. The police have been told very clearly to stop harassing me for you, they have been told the consequences, and they have been told to deal with you. Your silence regarding your harm to me, and your persistent use of the police against me illegally and without question, is to be investigated. If you and the police continue to make me out to be nuts to excuse you, what about your psychopathy that took my life?
 Your turn to be beaten and imprisoned.
I sit here and suffer, and you really couldn't care less. Your silence says so, and yet you can attack me with the police in pretence of care. Enough is enough, and I have told the police so. The Church of England have harmed me since I was 19 years old, I had 17 years of the worst childhood possible, and then an adulthood of the church destroying me for their crimes. I don't want to live, I can't live, with what you have done to me, your blame and condemnation of me through whitewash reports and lies and press and media smears.

Do you really not comprehend what you have done, and do you really intend to continue officiating without bringing any justice to my case? You have had me publicly smeared, discredited and destroyed, for no apparent reason at all except to protect wrongdoers, and why was that necessary? I was already effectively destroyed, branded, silenced, and left homeless to die? The point of violently re-punishing me publicly escapes me, but it is abuse, it is a criminal offence. The fact that the national safeguarding team and Jackie Rowlands uphold you and have harmed me further and without mercy says that they uphold abuse, are a danger to the vulnerable and are without morals or conscience.

Make sure you answer me, and the police must contact you and start to deal with this now. Every day that goes by without justice and with me smeared and branded and a fugitive is a day that you are an abuser who hasn't been brought to justice, and a day that I scream in anguish and wait for living death to become death.

The whole 17 years of church of england harm to me, especially the million pound three year reign of hatred that you led against me, has yet to be investigated, and as you are the lead attacker and abuser, who gave every wrongdoer a voice against me in the press and media, how about you provide the same money and press and media for me to answer that attack for three years, and I will do to you and the people who you enabled to hate and smear me, what you have done to me, but what would be the difference? You all have homes, families, money, lawyers, stability and a foundation, I had nothing, you took my family, friends and community in your hatred, and I had nothing else, and what little I built, you took, you have taken my access to medical help, therapy, support of any kind. Living condemned utterly and without access to help, a fugitive, living dead, is no life.

Your victim,


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