Saturday, 4 February 2017

Caroline Venables


Formal Letter to Caroline Venables.

Dear Caroline Venables,

Please excuse my rudeness and distress, or don't if you don't want to. On Thursday you tried to phone me, the first time my abusers at Lambeth Palace have ever tried to phone me. And at a time of very deep distress due to the Archbishop's repeated use of abuse to glorify himself and the Church of England when he has been asked enough times not to behave like that.
There is nothing that the Church can say to me, and phoning me when I am being re-abused by the man who publicly destroyed me, Justin Welby, is not a good idea.

Jane Dodds and Graham Tilby, followed by Moira Murray, injured me as much as they could in their dismissal of my anguish and their efforts to excuse themselves for allowing, aiding and abetting the massive public destruction of me by Welby and Dakin and the press. There is nothing you can say to me. However, you do have a duty of care and a duty to take action.
Nearly a year has gone by since Dakin and Welby publicly destroyed me after three years of severe harm, and you haven't made a press redaction, you haven't removed them for their harassment of me, you haven't done anything. So you have no right to phone me. Phone back when every wrongdoer is dealt with and not before, and by wrongdoer, you have to include yourself and your safeguarding team.

I do not know why you phoned me but let me guess:
• You want to silence me, my speaking up is a nuisance. I will not be silenced until you kill me, and the more damage you do, the more I will scream.
• You want to excuse the Church. Well what's new? Get Tilby to do that, he is a great liar, very believable, unlike Dodds. The two of them telling me different things would have been a comedy if their collusion in destroying me wasn't so evil.
• You want to warn me that you are trying to release any of the whitewashes or want my consent, agreement or co-operation. No. If you even try, I will destroy the Church of England outright. Shred the vile evil lies and stop harassing me. What you have done to me is contemptible.
• You want to pretend to care? Get stuffed, how many times?!
• You have been prompted to contact me by an outside agency or church or individual who has heard some of my story, you will now go back to them with a whine about trying to contact me but I screamed at you. I did. I will scream at you some more if you like. It releases some of years and years of anguish and anger at being destroyed over and over. Tell the agency to read my blog, I will post this letter on it.

I don't know you and I don't want to, you are part of the organization who destroyed me and upheld my abusers. You have a duty of care, especially as you claim (albeit falsely) to be to do with safeguarding.
So you will ensure that the upcoming press and media attack on behalf of the criminal you uphold, the Dean of Jersey, is forestalled, and you will make sure Gladwin retires properly and shreds the lies he has created in collusion with Steel and the Deanery of Jersey.

If I am further harmed, this letter will be available and you will be held liable.
Now go back to that snivelling corrupt coward Welby and make sure he hears this letter in no uncertain terms before he resigns. If he continues to shout and rant and lie in the press and media because of his desparation not to be exposed for his own crimes, his fall is going to be much harder.

Don't call me HG when you contact me. You named me as a spit of contempt and I now own the name. You call me JJ as asked previously.
When the press lies kick off or I have contact from the Church of England or press or media, it affects my work and studies, I am close to having to quit university and I end up starving and in danger of homelessness if you destroy my work through these matters. My whole life, relationships and tenancies are affected by the Church's harm of me.


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