Sunday, 22 January 2017

Gavin Ashenden

I am getting a tremendous amount of traffic to my blog from people looking for Gavin Ashenden. This tends to happen when he is attacking people, and this is no different.

He is ranting in the Times about the Koran being used in a Cathedral.
Well a) did anyone notice, the old dears are usually asleep, and b) isn't it a good idea to educate people to stop the blind Islamophobia continuing to rise? c) Isn't Ashenden's attack on the Archbishop more to do with the secret court that he faced? d) The Archbishop should resign, because he is a cowardly corrupt lying crook, not because of the Koran.

Gavin Ashenden spends his life attacking and showing off, and, having never met me, took part in a press and media smear campaign against me, full of lies, some of which is available here:

Ashenden isn't in any postion to lay down the law to anyone, aside from his public attacks on me without having both sides of the story, he is a divorcee, which is against Jesus' teachings, and he has relentlessly attacked and slurred abuse victims and the mentally ill, as well as making racist and xenaphobic attacks in the press constantly.
He thinks very highly indeed of himself, and the Church don't appear to have any ability to silence his hatred and rants, even though he is a safeguarding danger.
He really needs a copy of the Bible, I don't think he can ever have seen a copy or read it.

This is Tony the Prof's blog. look at what a churchgoer in Jersey has observed about Gavin Ashenden:

This is Bob's blog, look through this and see what Ashenden was part of:

It is time that Ashenden was asked to step down, he is mean-spirited, untruthful, hateful, prejudiced, proud and boastful, he is bringing Christianity into disrepute and would be bringing the church into disrepute if they weren't already, and the church are scared to face up to him because he is chaplain to the Queen.

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