Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Dean, in response to so many questions

Dear Peeps,

The stats are up because of the Dean's 'Resignation'. Just as the stats went up when in the summer the Archbishop and Bishop smeared me and upheld the Dean earlier this year. More death threats, hate attacks and lies against me always result from these one-sided press shows.

The Dean, as you know, has had the freehold of the Deanery and would have stayed until retirement, but was made to step down. The big show in the press and the resulting troll attacks on me are to do with the same thing as the Bishop and Archbishop upholding the Dean and his engineered Steel report earlier this year.
It is all catastrophic dishonesty and safeguarding failure, cover up and show, because the Church's image matters more than anything else.

The Dean and his wife jeered at me that they had freehold of the Deanery and would remain until retirement, in the same conversation with me where they called me evil and tried to use one-sided accounts of abuse and harm I had suffered in the past against me. This conversation was not recorded or dealt with by Jane Fisher and was blatantly lied about in court where I had no voice.

In 11 years has Jersey become more Christian, less unequal, more honest or kind or Christian? No, from what I have seen of Stuart and Trevor and Shona being destroyed and the terrible behaviour of the Bailhache Brothers and others. The Dean has achieved nothing for his free house and massive salary, and he is a danger to the vulnerable through his dishonesty and his acts of destroying a vulnerable adult to save his own skin. It is astounding that the Church are upholding him and giving him other positions where he will be a safeguarding risk, after they spent a million pounds covering up for him and destroying me.

No lessons have been learned. The Church of England with their loud noise and hot air about safeguarding and habit of employing people 'from a social care background' to create an image but not good safeguarding, is as dishonest and corrupt as it always was.

There still needs to be an independent review into my case and why I have been publicly destroyed, and the church are still hiding behind lawyers and insurers and even if they were to be forced to allow a review, they would choose a conflicted person and call them independent, no lessons have been learned. The complicit press print whatever the church say, and have told me so, and my side is only printed in distorted snippets.

The Church need to be audited by the government, and use of the press and media for the Church's own ends needs to be investigated and regulated.
No lessons have been learned. The million pound Jersey farce is a disgrace that the Church can't even find the grace or Christianity to take responsibility for.
The Dean is upheld and there is no safeguarding in the Church.

But once the Dean returns to the UK, taking legal action against him will be much simpler. I hate trying to deal with paperwork for two different countries.

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