Sunday, 7 August 2016

This is a load of lies

This blog is an example of me being re-abused as a result of the lies about my case in the press by the Church of England, the blogger in question has been corrected and asked to remove the post and he has ignored this.

This is a load of uninformed lies and the blogger in question has been asked repeatedly to stop re-abusing me and take it down.
The Bishop of Winchester did none of this suppression of the Steel report of his own free will, he was told to do it, and because he was told to do it, he discredited me by implying again that I was asking for the report to be stopped because it hurt me, rather than the reality of him not only being under a court agreement for allowing the conflicted Steel whitewash to continue, but also being told that he was not to publish it.

The Bishop had no compassion or care for my welfare throughout the three years and more that he has had me publicly destroyed, and the blogger in question continues his ill informed re-abuse of me because of his grudge against the States of Jersey. He is the last blogger to continue to use me as ammunition in this grudge that this group of bloggers have against the States of Jersey, as the other bloggers have kindly desisted, except one who is too seriously damaged by a brain haemmorage to continue.  The bloggers have never been interested in my side of things but have selselessly used me for ammunition with no regard for my wellbeing, and they have seriously harmed me.

The blogger's name is 'Polo' or Pól Ó Duibhir, and he's from Dublin.

Unfortunately 'Polo' hasn't been able to answer my complaint of his furthering the shaming and discrediting of me by the Bishop of Winchester, so he isn't really credible. He has also refused to remove the rubbish that he has written, and as it is about my case, is misleading and is harming me, his motive is nothing to do with my welfare or clarity about my case, it is just a meaningless and aimless grudge attack on Jersey, which he is famous for, to the point of being complained about in the Jersey Evening Post.

He is a bit of a nut by reputation anyway, especially with his persistent low level harassment of the Pope on twitter, which is no doubt a source of great amusement to many. I have no doubt that the Pope never notices the annoying little Polo-fly buzzing around.
But this illustrates a point regarding safeguarding in the church of england. The CofE attacked me publicly and allowed many cranks and grudge-bearers to further the harm to me with their own opinions.
The church have failed at any point to stem this secondary harassment of me, which is mentioned early on in my newly published book, their failure again re-enforcing the pretences of care for my welfare as lies.

Let me finish with a short statement.

  • The Bishop did not withold the Steel report. He would have published it if he had not been stopped.
  • The Bishop did not want to withold the Steel report, he had no interest in my welfare and even threatened me for complaining about his actions that harmed me. There is proof of this. 
  • I took the Bishop to court in 2014 because the Bishop, without any warning to me or thought for my welfare, intended to release the Steel report to members of the conflicted Church-States-Judiciary circle who had written the report to damn me and cover up. Why would he suddenly change from such psychopathic disregard for my welfare to 'caring' and 'apologizing' and 'Witholding' this same report?
  • There was  an agreement in place from the court case that I had to agree to what was in the Steel report. Which of course the Bishop knew would never happen. 
  • The Bishop allowed the Steel report to go ahead at my expense despite knowing it was conflicted, thus any pretence of care for my welfare by the Bishop has been a lie.
  • The Bishop's statement last month about the Steel report and pretence of care for me was a lie, as he was continuing the severe harm to me of press and media lies and discrediting of me.
  • The Bishop has failed at any point to make sure that I have been adequately interviewed and included in reports and has allowed an outright whitewash at my expense after making it abundantly clear in his threats early on that the whole process was a PR procedure that went wrong and there had never been any intention of redeeming or helping me.
  • The Church have no excuse whatsoever to go on allowing bloggers and other cranks and rogue safeguarding boards to continue to terrorize me nor can they excuse leaving me living in fear of the next attack while my health suffers. Any blog upholding the terrible abuse of me by the Bishop of Winchester and others, and trying to change the Bishop's psychopathic public harm to me into anything that puts him in a good life is an abuse of me.
  • The Bishop had no right to state that he was feeding the Steel Whitewash into the Gladwin Whitewash because he didn't have my agreement that the Steel report was valid and he didn't have my permission to feed one whitewash into another, and to feed a known whitewash into another report is to invalidate the other report. And the National Safeguarding Team know this was said and have not responded. The Bishop isn't allowed to go on acting as if he can validly use the Steel report, because what he has done is publicly discredit me and he doesn't have my agreement to what is in the Steel report, so if he is allowed to continue, he is committing a crime.
  •  Apparently the ill-informed Polo, who believes everything he reads in biased press and media, thinks that the Bishop has shown care and compassion for me over this, but he hasn't contacted me to get my views. So who has a better view of things, this crank or the victim who knows why the Bishop had to make such an empty and desparate show? Why are cranks still allowed to go on furthering the discrediting of me for the Church after three years of complaints that this harm is the Church's responsibility as they provoked it? Haven't the Church of England heard of safeguarding yet?!
  • The Church of England do not and will not safeguard until such deceit and discrediting of the vulnerable stops, and until such people as Dakin are removed as unfit to officiate as soon as they behave like this, three years of attacking a vulnerable adult publicly and with no justification would lead to sacking before three years in any other orgnaization.
  • . And especially  Paul Butler still needs to be removed so that every time church abuse is uncovered, we don't have to endure someone pressing the button on his back so that he trots out sickening empty apologies and lies about safeguarding. That is another re-abuse of victims.
  • What Polo has written about my case is a pointed example of how I am still being re-abused by strangers as a result of the church of England's prolonged and henious public punishment of me for reporting abuse within the Church, abuse by two serial offenders who have remained protected while I have been destroyed. 
  • I see Polo and his little circle of ill-informed grudge-bloggers as being on the same level as my abusers and the Bishop of Winchester. That is my last word on the matter for now, but the theme of this post will be re-produced in one of the books that I will publish.

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