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Safeguarding Failures

Formal complaint against Jane Dodds And Graham Tilby for re-abusing and distressing and already severely distressed and destroyed vulnerable adult.  Serious Formal complaint of harm and abuse by the Church of England and unchecked public abuse and harm by the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop of Winchester

Dear recipients, 

Please could all recipients who are not members of the Church of England make sure this email is sent to any authority with the power to intervene and safeguard. A vulnerable adult's life is at severe, genuine and ongoing risk at the hands of the Church of England, and this is being compounded by Jane Dodds and Graham Tilby, Safeguarding Directors of the church of england who are effectively condoning and compounding abuse and harm, trivilaising and excusing it and have refused to act to protect me and have watched as yet another one-sided Church abuse of the press has smeared, discredited and destroyed me, leaving me homeless, destitute and in collapse yet again. Three years of this is too much and too serious, no-one can go on standing by now.

I do not want contact from Jane Dodds, who is acting on behalf the seriously compromised  Bishop of Winchester and is causing me inordinate harm and distress while playing her part in yet another cover up after yet another public and press attack on my character and public discrediting of me. I refuse to meet with these people who have harmed me, and Dodds as well as trivialising the very serious and prolonged harm to me and refusing to act on it, is trying to force a meeting on me on behalf of the Bishop, further explained later in the email/letter/blog post and is trying to force intervention on me, violating me and undermining me. I am barely able to stay on my feet after the latest onslaught by the press over the whitewash of the abuse case, and Dodds is compounding a very serious situation.

Jane Dodds and her  upholding and taking part in  the most recent murderous attack on me is increasing the catastrophic damage from which I really don't think I can recover anyway.
Let me dispel a few myths in an email that will be sent to the courts in the event of my death or otherwise.

Each pre-meditated and deceitful press release by the Bishop and Archbishop is a serious safeguarding failure with no thought for my welfare whatsoever, indeed the Bishop and Archbishop are well aware that it harms me, and they do not arrange for my side to be heard, indeed they send what they like to the press and media, who use the name of the church and publish the press releases without question or investigation, the press and media attack me, the press and media ignore what I have to say and allow and even encourage attacks on me by strangers, as seen last year when Bob collapsed with the stress of trying to defend me, the lies and attacks are evidenced.

 The Archbishop and Bishop not only continue this persistent and relentless pattern of attack knowing very well what it is doing to me, but they have continued after costing Bob Hill his life, with no apology and no redaction, no attempt to ensure that my side is included. Total and utter disregard for both safeguarding and human life and welfare.  Presumably Dodds thinks she can excuse this not only to me but also to a court of law? And then can she explain why She and Graham Tibly ignore the attacks and their effects when they are a very very serious safeguarding failure, and why did neither she nor Graham Dodds responded to the attack on me and Bob Hill last year and didn't respond to ANYTHING sent to them until the Bishop of Winchester started intimidating me with fake apologies and bombarding me with emails and continuing to IGNORE MY REQUESTS FOR HIM TO STOP, JUST AS HE HAS IGNORED ALL WARNINGS TO STOP HARASSING AND HARMING ME, and then he went ahead with his press attack in conjunction with the Archbishop. 

I took the Bishop of Winchester to court in 2014 as he continued to discredit me with claims that the conflicted Steel report that he intended to publish at my expense and without my views 'would harm me' he failed to add to the press and media that Steel was conflicted and her report, just as Korris's, didn't include my story at all, both reports were whitewash coverups and Tilby and Dodds have failed to act either on these whitewashes or the press onslaught, the Bishop and Archbishop have publicly repeated their discrediting of me with Tilby and Dodds compliant.  Dodds has started a very see-through series of chummy and frothy emails to me, excusing the church and trying to force a meeting on me. She has to make sure this formal complaint against herself and Tilby is actioned and the proceedings to remove the Bishop of Winchester and Archbishop of Canterbury are from positions where they can abuse their power and destroy a vulnerable adult are dealt with first first. The evidence is there, a lot of it, so there is no excuse for this to be ignored any more.

Dodds does not need to contact me in order to deal with the above serious safeguarding failures, but obviously she has no intention of ever dealing with them. Now lets look at her emails in context of court evidence. Do you think her whimpering defence of the church will in any way be credible when she has refused to take immediate and serious action against the Archbishop and Bishop's serious safeguarding failures over the past three years? No, she will be seen and a loopy airy-fairy cover-up merchant, especially when three years of the press and media releases are presented to the court. 'What do you mean the church meant well?!' The church meant well in needlessly attacking a vulnerable adult in public and unchecked and knowing very well the distress they were causing? The church meant well in very serious discrediting and defamation and misleading of the general public? 
The church meant well in knowingly launching a prolonged and unchecked hate attack which no authority dares to challenge? This Dodds should resign immediately, why is she still there? There will be no safeguarding in the Church until Police, Social services, safeguarding agencies and other support agencies stand up to the Church of England solidly and without fear of reprisal. Why should one vulnerable adult who is likely to be driven to death, have to fight for her life for years on end because no agency will override the lies of the Church of the danger or standing up to an all-powerful and very dangerous and corrupt organization? Does it really have to take my death to end this terrible dictatorship? It won't be long now if so, because I simply cannot go on withstanding this, and what Dodd's has done in excusing the church is a jeer at someone who is crawling to their grave.
What about the safety of Children and the voiceless vulnerable when the church allow me to be attacked in the street by making me recognizable in their smear and discrediting campaign in the press?

There have been no apologies for the press and media attack and trolling and hate comments, there have been no apologies for the very very serious impact on my life, and Dodds may be able to froth and soft-soap and lie, but she is unable to come up with a credible excuse for the safeguarding board standing by and allowing this attack on me when I remain weak from the very serious prolonged attack last year that felled Bob Hill as he fought to defend me, and also weak from the following event of my best friend, a pillar of support, dying very quickly from an aggressive cancer.

What the Archbishop and Bishop have done in publicly discrediting me for three years in one-sided whitewash investigations and press releases and resulting smears of me is they have abused me, and they have abused me openly and knowingly, they have allowed me to be named and recognised within communities and have followed that up by having me traced and forced upon. This is ABUSE.
And while Jane Dodds has no reason whatsoever to go on and on acting on behalf of the Bishop and Archbishop as she is doing in contacting me on behalf of the Bishop, being deceitful and trying to change reality into more deceit and cover-up, she is obliged to stop lying and faking about what has happened and treat the Archbishop and Bishop's actions as abuse and act accordingly. It needs to be passed to an outside agency as Dodds and Tilby are showing open and blatant failure and bias.

You remember Jane Fisher, the deceitful and abusive safeguarding director who destroyed me? Dodds is carrying on the tradition. Apparently she thinks she can claim that no hurt was meant. You do not publicly attack and destroy someone and go on and on and on and on doing it as the Bishop and Archbishop have, and claim that no hurt was intended. You do not ever launch an attack on a vulnerable person in the press and then persist for over three years while they remain voiceless and suffering anguish, you simply do not, it is abuse, it is pre-meditated, and in the case of the Bishop and Archbishop, it started with a sham pretence of safeguarding and geared up into their self-defence as they clashed with some of the most powerful people in the world, the thugs that run Jersey, no thought for me or my welfare has been in evidence as the press releases and whitewash reports have continued to be upheld, made to look credible, fought over at my expense, and what have the safeguarding team done throughout this, and most notably during the recent attack? Nothing, although the recent attack has involved Jane Dodds liasing with the Bishop of Winchester as he proceeded with the press attack after ignoring my screams for him to stop contacting me.

The Bishop should not be contacting me at all except through a solicitor after I took him to court and especially not when I scream at him to leave me alone, so Jane Dodds is even more of a safeguarding failure to allow and uphold this.

An analogy I used to often use with Jane Fisher was: When you are destroying someone and you pretend to care as you do it, it is like a rapist trying to tell their victim that they love them and want to be their friend while raping them.
And remember, I can say that from experience, because as you know, Jane Fisher helped to leave me homeless on the streets with no access to the police due to her and the Bishop making me out to be mad and bad, so I couldn't report rape and believe me, none of those men were my friend or cared or worried about hurting me, and the archbishop and Bishop have no more concern for me than those men did, the Archbishop and Bishop, the same as those rapists(as well as being responsible for the rapes), know exactly what they are doing and how much harm they are doing, but their need to save their own skins means that a voiceless vulnerable adult is the weakest link, and even if they snuff me out, their priority is themselves. And do keep this email for that day, that day when Graham Tilby and Jane Dodds allow the next press attack, the one that kills me, and Dodds whitters about 'how no one meant to hurt me'. She isn't fit to be in safeguarding, but that is alright because she isn't really, she is covering up for abusers such as the Bishop and Archbishop.

There has been no apology or redaction from the Bishop or Archbishop, obviously the fake apologies come before press attacks and not after. The Safeguarding team have not issued an apology for allowing me to be attacked or an explanation of the following:

Why have there been only one-sided reports and press releases with no provision for me?
Why hasn't the independent report that I have asked for for years occured?
Why have the church not taken responsibility for forcing me into rough sleeping and actively preventing me from being housed and forcing me to flee through Fisher and Scott-Joynt's illegal violations of homeless services I tried to access and defamation of me whilst they also had me destroyed by the police for my objection to their interventions?
Why do safeguarding continue to allow the Bishop and Archbishop to abuse me?
How on God's earth can Tilby and  Dodds try to excuse the attacks that are killing me and allow them to continue?
How can Dodds or Tilby even delude themselves that there is any safeguarding after the way I have been publicly crucified?
Why is Dodds contacting me to whitter and whitewash instead of dealing with this very serious safeguarding failure, that she and Tilby are now openly party to?
Why is Dodds contacting me when she knows I know she is acting for an abuser, the Bishop of Winchester and she has enough evidence to launch an inquiry without contact?

Misleading the general public seriously and persistently through the press is a serious safeguarding failure, and Welby, with no shame at all, has gone on to throw tantrums and be pathetic in the spotlight over the Europe referendum, which is none of the church's business, but my narcissistic abuser, Justin Welby is desparate for attention.

Dodds already has this evidence, why has she not acted as an emergency?: The Bishop of Winchester has never met me and refused to, but lied to the press and media, implying that he had. He has persistently and relentlessly used the press and media for his own personal version of events ever since he showed very very serious disregard for safeguarding by launching my case into the press, he then stood by and let me be publicly destroyed, allowing the press and media and thus total strangers to attack me, he allowed members of the Jersey Deanery to print horrifyingly untrue and defamatory letters about me in the JEP and Church Times while my responses were ignored, and despite my complaints that became cries of anguish, he did nothing, well actually he threatened me for contacting him in anguish. The press and media attack has continued relentlessly and every time I have tried to get back on my feet, the attack has recurred. Don't you think Jane Dodds is not fit for her job when she tries to whitewash this reality out of the picture? Because this is cold hard and evidenced reality. 'The Church didn't mean to hurt me'? What is Dodds, a teenager sent for work experience by the jobcentre? Definitely not fit to be working with someone who is at risk for harm if she can excuse it like that! 

The Bishop has for three years, given powerful and connected wrongdoers a voice and left me silenced and condemned and feeling unable to believe in myself, I suffer 24 hours a day, with a lifetime of hurt publicly used to brand me, with the ignorance of the church to disability, vulnerability, dependence and poverty and the way abusers work compounding this. To the point now where the damage is so severe that I have lost my home and work and university and my body and mind are trying to shut down because the damage is so bad. Think about the people in concentration camps who didn't have family outside the camp as a reason to go on living and keep their identity for, in the end they couldn't persuade their minds and bodies to go on, and I am getting to that point after fighting for my life and rights against a so-called 'Christian' Church for so long.

I think Jane Dodds is either insane or not fit for her job to suddenly start acting to defend this public destroyal of me, and this email, this blog post, this letter, is to be produced to an inquiry and court when the time comes, be it in my death or otherwise, this letter is to be produced alongside her emails. Because I know, I learned from Jane Fisher, how the Church of England uses falsehoods in emails and letters and in the press and media, I learned from Jane Fisher how the Church's deceitful 'show' emails are used to protect the Church, and now I know how to respond. 

How does Dodds explain that the Dean's safeguarding failures are evidenced and the use of in-house clergy-lawyers can't change either that or the Dean's apology or the fact that the Church in the UK do not have any power over the Jersey church and yet instead of clarity and integrity, the Bishop and Archbishop have smeared and discredited ME publicly because of their failure in launching my case into the press and not carrying out balanced reports? Well all she has to say is that 'The Church didn't mean to hurt me'
Does a rapist mean to hurt his victim?

It really doesn't matter what Dodds thinks of how wonderful and well-meaning the church is, it shows that she is naive, incompetent or very deceitful, if she can see the evidence of the harm to me, the incredible stacks of evidence, and responds by whittering and trotting out the church's usual deceit, she can't remain in her position and this matter needs to go to someone who understands abuse and cover-up and especially someone who is not naive enough to think that the attacks on me are acceptable and look on as they occur.

When my case was launched into the press with no thought for my wellbeing, the Archbishop made a vague peacock apology to me in the press, part of the two-faced 'apology' campaign to vulnerable groups who can't answer back as the church glorify themselves this way, he then failed to meet me or respond to my correspondence, there is no excuse that Andrew Nunn may have been able to block correspondence, he should have been disciplined for his actions against me when I was in Jersey and should not be in a position to act for the Jersey Deanery or block my correspondence, but anyway, the Archbishop has always ignored or blocked correspondence, which makes his theoretical apology to me in the press into an empty falsehood. 
He has not met me, not responded to complaints against the Steel report, but has repeatedly met with the Dean of Jersey and his circle of powerful church-states-law-judiciary figures, who are above the law and can abuse their power infinitely, even to the point of altering and accessing the corrupt and inaccurate police records. The meetings are invariably flung into the press to launch attacks on me for the Jersey Deanery.
Not once has the Archbishop or Bishop met with me, heard my story or expressed a wish to do so, indeed, the Bishop refused to meet with me when asked to in 2013, when it became obvious to me and to Bob Hill that the matter was a farce. 

Remember the Bishop having to re-instate the Dean because he had no power to suspend him? Remember who was discredited as the Bishop whitewashed that? And tell me, is Jane Dodds really involved in this matter without being aware of that? No, Why has the Bishop of Winchester not been suspended then?
I know they are rubbish at Safeguarding but not rubbish enough to forget that,  so why is she lying to me? The Dean 'apologized' publicly, but the apology wasn't aimed at anyone, it was just a press release, that the Bishop failed to ensure reached me, and then the Bishop sent me a message saying 'no unsolicited intervention confirmed' in response to me asking him to stop violating my privacy. And then he and Jane Fisher illegally referred me to the NSPCC so that the Bishop could do another press stunt claiming that 'They had been working hard across the Diocese to provide help for me' which led to another onslaught of strangers calling me ungrateful because the press hate the Bishop as much as they hate me and they quoted me as saying I hadn't asked for the Bishop's help.
The press notably quote me or misquote me to attack the Bishop or to make me look mad. The Jersey press hate him almost as much as they hate me.
Jane Dodds can't credibly go on claiming that my feelings have been or are taken into account in any of this. She looks stupid and fake and does she or the Bishop really think I have no memory, no recollection of similar arrangements to what she and the Bishop are now doing?

Let me remind you. In 2009, while I was being destroyed in Jersey and by Jane Fisher, my Dad had a second stroke and went into a coma, he and I hadn't been close most of his life, mainly because I was afraid of him, he was autistic and had spent my childhood violently beating me for small mistakes or my maths learning difficulty, this is one of the reasons I was not close to my family, who the church have estranged me from completely now by having me destroyed, imprisoned, left homeless and then the press and media attacks which my family saw, and now think I am totally insane, another glaring safeguarding failure that Dodds can't see. 
Anyway, I fell prey to abuse in the church because I was unable to be close to my family. In my Dad's last year of life he knew I was in serious difficulties, and despite being autistic, he tried to help me. When he went into a coma I sat with him after his life support was switched off, my brothers and sisters left us alone as they went to get drunk.

Christmas came and I had nothing left to live for, if I hadn't made emergency arrangements to be admitted to Maytree for that Christmas I would have committed suicide. And I wish I had, if I had known that the hope that Maytree gave me would be destroyed the way it was by Fisher and Scott-Joynt, I would have committed suicide anyway.
If you are wondering why I mentioned this, I will get to that but let me make a point. None of this is any of the whitewash reports or press releases that exclude me.

I started 2010 with a bit of hope from Maytree, they sent me home with a letter telling me about how incredible what I had survived was, and how incredible what I was doing with my life and work and volunteering and education was.  (all of which, as you know, has been destroyed).
The deceit from Joyce Cockell, Jane Fisher, Tracy Bromley and others that that used to trick me into a meeting is one of the thousands of wounds that I carry, I was lied to and misled, into a set-up meeting to cover Fisher and Scott-Joynt's backs, and worse, not only was it a standard Church of England procedure set-up, it was to get their responsibility out of the way so that they could have me destroyed with the police, the lies, deceit and dishonesty regarding that meeting is a wound among thousands, but gouged deeper by lies and cover-up over it in the whitewash Korris report. 
So, after the meeting, having covered their backs and done nothing for my suffering, they began the destroyal that left me imprisoned and homeless, and I will never come to terms with the imprisonment, I retch when I have flashbacks and I fight my mind back into dissociation otherwise I would take my life. Some of you who read my blogs in the early days on the streets will know I had to completely dissociate in order to live with the horror of what has happened, while Fisher and Scott-Joynt, not satisfied with my homeless and destroyed state, continued to slander and destroy me.

Anyway, what is the point in telling you this? The Bishop and Jane Dodds think that another such back-covering meeting can be set-up, presumably followed by me being viciously assaulted by police where it won't leave marks, flung in a cell, imprisoned, jeered at  and left homeless and fleeing from persistent violations and slanders of me to homeless outreaches as previously occured.

I am not going to meet with the Church after over three years of being publicly, relentlessly and blatantly, openly destroyed, Dodds can stop now and she can stop sitting there and making silly silly noises that don't relate to the matter and she can ensure that my two very open and proud abusers, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Winchester are disciplined and removed from positions where they can abuse with impunity.
Furthermore, she is to alert the authorities to the fact that these people have behaved as if they are above the law and are a very blatant and open risk to the vulnerable and feel that they are protected to abuse by their name and status, and she can ensure that a balanced and independent inquiry that includes me and is safe for me, is called.

Let me also point out, that due to the Julie Wallman dirty tricks campaign that left me in collapse while Fisher and the Bishop beset me from all sides, I am not STUPID ENOUGH TO WALK INTO meeting that will be AN AMBUSH OR A SETUP, I AM WAITING RIGHT HERE UNTIL THE BISHOP'S PET POLICE ARRIVE, BEAT ME, IMPRISON ME AS BEFORE, OR MORE LIKELY KILL ME IN THE WEAKENED STATE I AM IN. I am sure from what I have experienced, that the church do not care as long as I am disposed of. Fisher's efforts to kill me off were sustained and deadly, and I will never recover.

Jane Dodds is both biased on behalf of the church and Bishop, and she is conflicted, she has failed and is failing to safeguard me and acts as if she either has very little understanding of vulnerability and safeguarding, or is deliberately protecting the Bishop and Archbishop. She is not in a position to continue to distress me by contacting me to protect and uphold my abusers, nor is she in a position to act in my case. The fact that she and Graham Tilby blatantly ignored my cries for help during last year's onslaught in the press and media but made contact when the Bishop launched his most recent deceit campaign is a statement that speaks as clearly as possible.
Do you think Dodd's statement 'The Church never meant to hurt you' is even remotely valid or relevant? It doesn't matter what they meant, if they cannot understand what they have done and are doing, even when told for over three years then they are a serious danger to to children and the vulnerable, and Dodds really is in a position where she should step down just for making such excuses.  Look at the evidence, look at her statement, it is ludicrous, for her to say something like that to someone who is as destroyed as I am, it shows contempt, or lack of understanding of safeguarding, or simply that she is acting on behalf of the church to protect the church.

Dodds can make a statement like that, but now she knows and can tell the church that their 'accidental' hurt of me through public destroyal of me 'hurt' me, why has there not been a public apology, redaction of the whitewashes and the morally wrong public apology to the Dean and abuse of the press over it, and an assurance that the Church of England will stop harassing me and independently investigate my complaint?

I guess I have benefitted from Jane Fisher's years of lies only in that I have learned to shine a light on the Godless Church of England's lies, the lies so weak that anyone who can think can see through them but most don't stop to think.
An independent inquiry can be called without a back-covering meeting with the Church, there is no doubt legally and in truth that that is the case, so please make sure if you care about safeguarding, that that is what happens. Don't pretend and don't make excuses, the whole of my adult life has been damaged by the Church of England, and I am facing death if I am not protected, and even in my death, I want this email read out against Jane Dodd's emails and I want a list of the hundreds of cries for help that I made read out, the hundreds of letters I went hungry in order to print and post, the huge books of defamatory press releases and reports that sit in a file and make me retch if I accidentally open it. But what I don't want is Dodds imitating Paul Butler and 'paying tribute' to me when I am forced to my death, what Butler did is what Butler does, the same as what Dodds is doing in my case.

As far as I know, the church have never before kept up such a sustained and public attack on someone as they have on me, ever. I know the Bishop has publicly destroyed one of his Clergy, Reverend Hawthorne, and also a homosexual couple who worked for him, and certainly Eli Ward and Theresa Cooper and several others have endured years of harm and cover up for being abused, but I think my case is one of the most serious cases of sustained abuse because no other case has had this level of open and blatant press hatred and smears aimed at the abuse survivor.

Is Dodds going to set my police record straight, ensure I can gain medical help and live my life openly and freely being me and not a fugitive any more? Is she going to publicly annul the whitewash Korris, Gladwin, Steel and Johnstone reports? Is she going to call the independent investigations into the abuse and harm I have suffered in the church and the three year run of public smearing and discrediting of me by the Jersey Deanery, Bishop of Winchester, Archbishop of Canterbury and associated people and strangers who have attacked me? No. So Jane Dodds is not credible and is not involved in safeguarding me. And nothing the Church could do or will do will change my ruined work record, the way I am branded and my poverty and ill health. Dodd's response to my case is beyond the pale.

Dodds, you can have your meeting, when Bob Hill is well and whole again, when he can walk and talk and smile again. When Bob, who the Church of England destroyed while 'accidentally' hurting me as a by-product of their coverup and narcississm and deceit, can speak and is healed, he can then sit in the meeting on my behalf and tell you what he thinks of you and then blog about it, so that the lies about the meeting can be countered by a man with the integrity and courage to stand up to an organization who are worse than Hitler's Nazi regime. The Church of England, who use God's Name in Vain for their deceit and corruption and abuse of the press and the vulnerable.
Nothing the Church ever says will be of value until Bob is whole and well and in Jersey caring for his wife and family. Never mind me being ruined and facing death, Mr Hill was a family man who sacrificed his life trying to save mine from harm by the Church of England and their press and media.



I will fight until I fall, with courage.

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