Monday, 4 April 2016

Ours is an Island Tax Haven...

I know I am being egged on ever so slightly over this, but most readers will remember that awful dirge that my abuser's nephew wrote as a 'National Anthem' for Jersey, which was voted in by his fellow churchman, Sir Philip Bailhache, causing much dismay and consternation among genuine competitors.
Later I think it was Island Games competitors who said that they didn't want that awful dirge spoiling their sports - Bailhache could corruptly vote it in, but he couldn't make people accept it, it stank of Jersey Deanery arrogance. So Jersey's natural and eternal anthem, 'Beautiful Jersey' was played, just as it always has been on Liberation Day, the Day that Bailhache once used to degrade and rubbish abuse survivors through his speech.
Jersey is ruled by the chosen ones of the City of London, most notably the Bailhache Brothers, who use their exalted and conflicted positions to get away with anything they like, and no power on this planet can challenge them, the tax haven power is monsterous, but there are times when they do make fools of themselves in their belief that they can do as they please, and Gerard LeFeuvre's 'Island Home' and Bailhache's Liberation Day speech are two examples of that.

Anyway, Jersey is very much in the spotlight at the moment, at the same time that I am getting premonition of trouble awakening again in the fat and arrogant Jersey Deanery.

Jersey had an election a while back, but it may as well not have bothered, surveys and polls show that people do not like the Bailhache Brothers and the Council of Ministers, but in a similar system to the Catholic Church in Poland telling people who is to be elected and expecting them to be 'Good Catholics' and vote accordlingly, Jersey's Senators are chosen by the Finance Industry, the City of London, and the Church. I have a theory that the Church also choose the UK government as well, but that's another story.
Senator Gorst is not in any way a leader and he is not from Jersey, he was hand-picked by the City of London to be a nodding dog to the Bailhache Brothers and he doesn't appear to have a character or mind of his own, he is effeminate and he is a weed, he has harmed me personally by sock-puppeteering a whitewash report into my case, which broke the law, although as I have mentioned before, the law in Jersey doesn't apply at Senator level unless you fall out of favour, for example by speaking out against abuse.

Apparently a few years ago a certain vicar in Jersey had charges brought against him for interfering in election results, of course he went on to harm me and was duly promoted and honoured by Michael Scott-Joynt, who is now deservedly in hell.
It is amazing that all of this can go on and on, in full public view.

Oh what a rant, oh what accusations.

Anyway, Jersey has made the headlines in the last few days, as it does periodically, shock, horror, and nothing will be done, because of the City of London. The people in power in London and both Governments are in power because of the tax havens and they need them to remain, so no matter how angry the general public are, nothing will be done. Jersey dignitaries have ensured that Jersey and UK care inquiries have whitewashed out Jersey's part in child sex abuse and trade of children that was a perk of the job at one time, and these days apparently just to avoid more 'embarassment' those who still need such perks fly to faraway places at tax payers expense in order to fulfil their needs.

Recent fuss about flight costs by the general public will again lead to whitewash, although I have put in a request for the £1000 of tax payers money used by the Bailhache-Gorst clique on flights to try to force the release of their whitewash report into my case, to be investigated. One of the things that really needs looking into is the fact that they did this without my consent, when my court action against the Bishop means the report cannot be released unless I agree with it. So £1000 was wasted because of these men's arrogance and dishonesty.

I have no doubt that as well as the Camerons having money in Jersey, numerous other conflicted people do, and the Church of England and the Royal Family do too, this is why trying to get action taken against Jersey or trying to get abuse dealt with or justice brought is a waste of time. In short, Bishop Dakin's wages are paid by the people he stupidly publicly attacked when he also publicly attacked me in 2013, either he was extremely ill-informed or short sighted or he was lunatic enough to think he could get away with his public attack, and it beggars belief that he thought he could defame me or the Dean the way he did, internationally. It remains a jaw-dropping question-mark, but Luther-Pendragon have gagged him, so we will never know. And the Church refuse to engage with the matter, apologise, discipline anyone or carry out a balanced investigation which includes my side of things.

I think I have started to ramble a bit, so I will stop and get ready for my evening shift at work, and you will have to wait for the next exciting installment. The raw and unchallenged corruption of Jersey and the City of London is incredible, but nothing will ever be done.

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  1. Jacques woke up from his weed induced coma to claim that Jersey is ruled by the privy council not the city of London. I think Jacques was being 'raped' on the streets of Lisbon when the city of London had an article in the jep, or he was doing something equally delusional instead of staying within the community care provided for him in Jersey. Jacques your opinion such as it is, is no longer relevant here. Try not to contact vulnerable people and go on and on about you and everyone you meet being raped.