Friday, 22 April 2016

An Interview with HG

1. When did you first take an interest in the night sky?

We used to lie on the grass and watch the stars when I was a child, and we watched an eclipse one night.

2. What constellations (or parts of them) do you know how to find?

The Easy ones, they showed us a vague view of andromeda on the club telescopes, but I can pick out the usual ones such as Orion, Ursa Major etc, I think the easiest is Ursa Minor, is that the one we call the 'Big Dipper'? 

3. Have you ever seen planets through a telescope? Which ones?
Yes, the club telescopes are excellent and I can't remember which ones, definitely Mars and Venus. I just love the lazer beam pointers, they are wicked! 

4. Do you like Gustav Holtz’s Planet Suite? Which is your favourite planet music? Do you know which planet (apart from Pluto), he misses out?
Yeah, I love the Planets Suite, especially Mars. I think he missed Earth out! 

5. Can you find the North Star?
Yes and it is cheaper than the Daily Echo.

6. Which pop songs can you name which mention stars or planets or outer space?
Rocket Man, Major Tom, Spaceman (what a crazy song), there are more but I can't recall them.

7. Which is the brightest planet in the night sky? And second brightest?
Mars and Venus are both bright, is Venus the one on the dawn horizon? My mind has been off astronomy for too long.

8.  Name two or three TV astronomers.
Patrick Moore, Brian Cox, can't remember, 

9. Do you know the names of any kinds of chocolate or sweets with astronomy names?
Mars/planets, Milky way/stars, Galaxy, star bar, 
stop making me crave chocolate! 

10. Have you visited the London Planetarium or the Peter Harrison Planetarium in London?

Noo, never had an opportunity, would love to! 


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