Friday, 12 February 2016

Jersey musings, similarities

Good evening,

Just when you thought I would never actually write anything on here again :)

Can you all make sure our uncle Bob is OK? I was having nightmares about him.

The JEP, which I only glance at, because who in their right mind reads that rag, especially after their attacks on me? Have been running a lot of stories about the Care Inquiry this evening.

So, I will start, Headline read 'Stuart Syvret was right to be concerned'
It made me think.
Was it Frank Walker who recently commented on Stuart's change in demeanor when he made the abuse discoveries?
I recall that clique of politicians making him out to be mad in 2008/9.
Just like they made me out to be mad.

I am pretty sure even before the injustices and imprisonments, from the time Stuart discovered the abuse, he would have been suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He never makes a fuss about himself and his health publicly, but he isn't mad, and believe it or not, neither am I.
I was already horrifically damaged when the churchwarden 'regressed' me to childhood and abused me, claiming it would 'heal' me, and the ensuing horrific police and church actions, not properly recorded, added to that, and then Fisher decided to persist in destroying me, culminating in the Korris attack and the public destroyal of me.
Stuart has been ripped apart by the press and media too, but at least he spoke up, and he should be able to speak to the care inquiry without fearing for his life.
 I still fear for my life.

Islands, boats and missing boys:

I am going to be controversial from now on and I am going to talk about Adrian Lynch. I really hope no-one gets angry over this.

We know that Ted Heath used to take boys out on boats, and a witness, Linda Corby, says she saw that one less boy came back one time,

Some years ago, a young man, Damien Nettles, vanished from Cowes on Hampshire's Isle of Wight, he was never seen or heard from again, and the police messed up the investigation, couldn't even get Damien's age right and considered him to be an adult, not a minor as a result, leading to delays in investigation. Appeals have been made continuously over the years regarding his disappearance, although efforts to prevent digging in the nearby Parkhurst Forest have been solid despite a tip off that Damien may be buried there.
I read about this case as his mother posts on the 'Good Cop Down' blog written by a Hampshire Police Officer who knows as well as I do how corrupt and nasty and brutal Hampshire Constabulary are.


Recently the sad news of Adrian Lynch (I hope I spelled that right) going missing reminded me of the Damien Nettles case.

My thoughts are with both families, I may be autistic and with reactive attachment disorder but I know what love feels like, and I know I love my parents and my recently deceased friend and I know what missing people and grief feels like.
 And when you don't know what happened it must be worse.

But what I feel is, these two dissapearances involve young men, islands and, I think they involve boats, but neither island has a good, honest or caring police force.
Did Hampshire or Jersey Constabulary check boat movements? Or is it even possible to check all boat movements?  Do they all show up on AIS? I don't think the small ones do.

I know Cathy Fox and others do blogs about the boat kidnap and slavery/exploitation trade.
What if that is relevant here?
What if I get absolutely slaughtered for putting two and two together and getting 5.375?

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