Saturday, 23 January 2016

Lady Vicars, start hormone therapy...

Please do look at the 2600 comments on this online article:

The Bishop of London, famous for his unChristian attitude to Occupy London protesters and his purple socks, says that Vicars should grow beards to reach out to muslims.
What about the lady vicars? :) do you think if they grew beards, they would reach out to muslims?

It's personal choice.

Grow a beard if you wish, but I will continue to be clean shaven while respecting Muslim culture and beliefs.

And what about Jewish people, does the Bishop want to reach out to them too?

Then he adds worldly rubbish about David Beckham, glorifying a plastic chav and calling him a saint! This truly is the Church of England!

Well, every time I think the Church has reached a new low for the sake of publicity, I am surprised again.

Someone has just suggested female Vicars should wear Burkas.

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