Monday, 4 January 2016

Gavin Ashenden

Due to the incredible increase in views of this blog, obviously due to Ashenden behaving badly (or acting out his insanity) I decided to update this post from a while back:

Well, Gavin Ashenden is performing in the spotlight again.
He is apparently in the National press with his recent opinion on Islam.

I know he reads my blog, usually from the safety of Yemen or Normandy, but I know he won't mind me blogging about him, as he is never averse to maligning me or hurting other people's feelings.

Some peaople might expect me to write an open letter, about how he shouldn't be telling Muslims how to live when he hasn't worked out what Christianity is all about yet, But actually, he can make enough of a fool of himself and the church without my help.

Peacekeeper from Yemen, trouble stirrer from Jersey.

Do you remember Pepper Anne?

'...He's his own biggest fan...
Ashenden, Ashenden'

Here is the recent Story of Ashenden and Islam, as told by a Jersey Blogger:

Afterthought on Islam from me.
I do not like the way the media are playing up these stories of young people being radicalised. It is scaremongering. The Churchwarden's wife used to include in her daily fears that we were going to taken over by Muslims and it would be awful for us women.
I used to live among Muslims. They were peaceful, respectful and had good senses of humour, their beliefs lead them to have a set of ethics, something that Catholics and Buddhists have but the Church of England lacks.

Gavin Ashenden saw an advert in the church rag (Times) and it said 'Come and work where clergy discipline cannot reach you! Golden sand, corruption, old boys and favours in kind'.
So he went to work in Jersey.
It is a puzzle then why he is trying to take over in Normandy!

Further Ashenden reading and links for recent viewers after his most recent rantings.

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