Thursday, 29 October 2015

A letter to the States of Jersey Police

I will be returning to Jersey due to the failure of any agency to stop the States and Deanery harassing me by demanding their whitewash engineered Steel report to be released.

Whilst in jersey I do not expect the police to behave in the same cowardly, vicious, dishonest and and inexcusable way that they did while aiding Jane Fisher and the Dean in destroying me from 2008-2010.

Whilst in Jersey I will counter the defamation of me by the Jersey Deanery with peaceful meetings to express my side of things, I will also issue letters expressing my discontent and disgust regarding the failings of authorities and the bias of the press, and I will very possibly file a few court cases. Although I am being told that I can do that from here and demand an impartial UK judge.

There will be no cause for any further bad treatment and dishonesty by Jersey police, social services or the unsafeguarding board, instead it will be time for me to tell my story, not Bob Hill's version of events or anyone else's, my story, what happened to me, what is conveniently left out of all reports and investigations so far, and what Jersey police and related agencies haven't been investigated or called to account for yet.

I would rather have got on with my life here in peace, but as Jersey continues to relentlessly trash my life, I have no choice but to actually come to Jersey, so that the cowardly deanery and authorities will have to see the person they are destroying instead of sniping from a distance.

This time illegal police actions and brutality will be in the spotlight should they occur, and this time I am not out of control with severe trauma for being regressed to childhood, abused and thrown away for reporting it and left vilified by the closed church community, this time I have survived the worst traumas possible and am still standing, and thus I trust myself to stand and stand up to the legendary Jersey corruption and above the law nazis who are causing me distress. The occupation never ended, and that is known internationally. Even germany itself became a free country, Jersey remains under the occupation.

There doesn't appear to be any other way to end this matter and allow me to continue with my life than for me to come to Jersey. 
I will not be moving back to Jersey this week as I am ill and can't even go to work, and the weather is going to disrupt travel, so I am aiming for next week, to arrive at Jersey police station with a formal complaint of harassment against the Jersey Deanery, and also a full complaint for the police authority about the inexcusable way Jersey police treated me and also Stuart Gull's illegal actions. I think that will start the crusade with a bang?


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