Friday, 26 June 2015

'There's something wrong with my microphone' said the Vicar...

... 'And also with you!' replied the congregation.

This limerick was blatantly pinched, stolen and nicked from the rightful author, as you can see, I am not bright enough to write something like this, as Peter Ould will confirm. Has Ould been canonised yet? Usually the Church of England promote and canonize any clergy who behave badly.

There once was a Dean called Key
Who broke away from a Bishop’s See
He fell out over Bishop Dakin
Over the fuss he was makin’
And went over to Canterbury
There was a Vicar called Ashenden
Who always said he was the Queen’s Chaplain
We are not amused, said the Queen
Either by him or Jersey’s Dean
But we’ll say nothing except Amen

The only reason the Church of England are managing to survive in the mess they are is because of the sheep mentality.

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