Wednesday, 21 January 2015

What the church say and what they actually mean

There is such a discrepancy between what the church say and reality.

I never used to  take any notice of what the Church of England had to say in the press, in fact I had no reason to care what they said, until I realised that they are a Political party with massive power, which they abuse with impunity.

The first time I noticed the Church abuse of the press was in Jersey and while the Diocese of Winchester were destroying me and showing off in the press at the same time. I saw how what they put in the paper was PR rather than news or reality.
Unfortunately, even good people or well-meaning people are mislead by Church Propaganda and even repeat it, believe it and defend it. Planet Jersey, who are well meaning, often further harm to me by repeating church lies and propaganda, there's this rather puffed up guy who calls himself BoatyBoy, who often harms me and causes me distress by furthering the Church's lies about my case and about other things. He's the guy who for some unknown reason decided to attack me himself by sending money to the Dean of Jersey for me, I couldn't have thought of anything nastier to do to someone than sending money to their destroyer for them, but I give him the benefit of the doubt, he appears very naive and quite limited with regards understanding of the world and church and politics.
The problem with Jersey is that unless you can afford one of the private schools, you don't get much of a shot at education unless you are very pro-active.

But it is the same in the UK, this 'Mandate Now' guy on twitter was naively supporting the church's spin-doctor, Paul Butler, Jane Fisher's friend who is thus nothing to do with safeguarding. These big fat people can pronounce for the Church until eternity, it doesn't make the church anything more than a greedy, selective political club that uses Jesus' Name in vain.
Exaro News have appointed themselves as personal protectors of the church while slamming the government over abuse, that is a paradox that I can't figure out, but I imagine that the church are paying them enough to keep them running.

So what do Church Press releases mean?

  • 'We care about the poor' = 'We care about our image/we are politically advocating labout to win the next general election'.
  • 'We care about abuse victims' = 'We care that we averted a government inquiry into abuse in the church, and we are trying to avoid outside inquiy at all costs, and we will use victims as PR for the church while we are at it'.
  • 'We care about the minimum wage and living wage' = 'We use the poor as a PR stunt for the church because they are voiceless and we think it makes us look good, however, we forgot that people know we pay our clergy a very low salary and treat them like dirt at a diocesan level'.

 I think you could keep yourselves amused in future by deciphering the Church of England's press relase code! I would write more but I have to go out and look in bins because the Church of England left me homeless and destitute and shattered my career.

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