Sunday, 7 December 2014

The funny old church

The Diocese of Winchester and the Deanery of Jersey in bitter and underhand legal battles, while trying to maintain an image of respectable Christianity, at the expense of someone they collectively left homeless, destitute, branded and smeared, because they employed an abuser and gave him access to her and blamed her, grubblily trying to give her a history of wrongdoing without her side being heard.

A female member of this clique, representing the Jersey Deanery at the General synod regarding women Bishops and indignantly saying that women have no right to authority in the church.

Collectively the Church of England are very lost and directionless, it is all ego and opinion, and they don't provide a Christian presence in every community, they provide a little club for the elite in every community, and occasionally their clubs make press headlines over sexual abuse and assault, especially when the church don't cover up well enough and because their safeguarding is a joke that excludes and segregates the vulnerable and blames them if anything wrong happens to them.

Rant? Rage?


A bit less nasty and biased than the Ould Bully's usual rants.

Funny how he retired.

And funnier how someone sadly said 'A good Christian blogger has resigned'
Because that shows the church of England for what it is, they consider Ould and his smut and sleaze and slander and abuse to be Christian.

He still vainly slanders and abuses on twitter, apparently.
That is the Church of England.

Ah, my friend Gavin is back on the blog.

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