Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Letter to Bishop Dakin

Dear Bishop Dakin,

I am writing to remind you that you have responsibilities regarding the Korris report, which I took you to court over.

As well as the fact that this inaccurate report is still circulating and being used against me, you sent it to Jersey and Hampshire police as if it was a statement of fact rather than an inaccurate whitewash that excluded my views, you refused to amend it when I contacted you and have not, as far as I know, informed Hampshire or Jersey police that it is not a true account of what happened but is an inaccurate and ineffective cover up, and you haven't withdrawn it.

I have contacted you and Hampshire constabulary a number of times to ask you to stop harming me with cover up whitewashes such as the Steel and Gladwin reports, and have also taken you to court over them and will do so again, especially noting your illegal actions regarding Dame Steel and Jersey police, the illegal attempt by Steel to get my court records from the advocate who failed me, when Steel was not investigating my arrest and deportation, and Steel's illegal access of my inaccurate Jersey police records, and the illegal efforts by you to make Jersey safeguarding illegally investigate my treatment in Jersey.
All of these things are breaking the law, harassment, and most of all, waiting for these illegal whitewash reports is leaving me very ill, and I would like the police public protection department to act on this.

Also, I reported Jane Fisher for jeering by adding me on twitter after the severe, horrific and unhealable damage she has done to me in conjunction with the same police you sent the whitewash report that covers up for her to.
When will the police stop being your private mafia and act to protect me, a vulnerable adult who you are destroying all over again?
Also, don't forget, Jane Fisher has perverted the course of justice, not just by lying to a court of law but by illegally liasing with Jersey police and apparently bringing evidence that had previously been witheld, in order to try and force me to bring a conviction against my abuser for the church's own aims and publicity stunts, at the same time as Jane Fisher illegally referred me to the NSPCC.

I would appreciate a proper response to this and due action, especially as you violently ripped my life apart by using the same police you destroyed me with to tace me last year and violate me for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Also to point out that you have not dealt with my complaints against the Jersey deanery, yourself, Jane Fisher - who is left in a position to harm vulnerable adults, you have not interviewed me, you have not followed your PR stunts up with a genuine apology nor has the Archbishop, you have still not passed the Dean's fake apology on to me or explained why he was made to apologise when you exonorated him, you have not explained to me why you traced me or trashed my life with police and Korris report and then threatened me, you have not explained why Jane Fisher was allowed to illegally refer me after destroying me and after a second formal complaint against her was ignored,
Why exactly did you hand a million pound formal complaint over to the people being complained about and their lawyers and exclude the victim?

please resolve this matter as your failure in safeguarding throughout this is epic beyond proportion.


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