Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The latest scare for the church to latch onto and try and get publicity for themselves

Propaganda, swine flu, the church loved it, they bought it, they bought the hysteria, they banned communion even though swine flu was a fake disease that killed no one and was made from hysteria and propaganda, and a sheeple population blindly closed down when told to, despite the fact that real flu can be a killer and swine flue wasn't.
The media tried to hard to 'make' deaths from swine flu happen, and managed to get a few.
Even though real flue kills thousands each year.

Jane Fisher was notably a sheeple when I asked her why the church were upholding hysteria.
I remember the church upholding the ban on communion and the hysterical church of england guidelines on not touching each other, and then my church went and enjoyed a bring and share lunch after a communion service without communion.
I have no doubt that the rich and arrogant who run the church will be called to account for insulting Jesus when they finally stand before him, along with their other evils.

But here's the thing.
The latest propaganda/scare, that we are as a nation about to be instructed to panic over and live in antiseptic tanks, is ebola, it is a killer, it is being deliberately spread, as all these things are, and believe me, it will be within the next week or two that the church start screaming hysterically 'Look at us! We are on the ebola train! We are going to curtail your lives to get attention for ourselves! We are going to publicly make a fuss and use ebola as we used swine flu! We are a government department after all! It is our job to spread propaganda!

I am so glad I am shot of that antiChrist Church of England, so glad I am not one of their rich old sheeple.

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