Friday, 9 May 2014

Liberation Day

It is Liberation Day in Jersey, and it will be the same as ever.

The churchwarden and his wife always sneak into the restricted area and sit on the bench there.

It is very crowded indeed.

The reinactment, that I was privileged to take part in one year, will happen, with the soldiers throwing sweets to the crowd and going up on the balcony to put the flags out.

And Bailhache will be shooting his mouth off and snubbing abuse victims in his speech as he famously did one year?
I know I am supposed to write about that one day, people keep mentioning it to me.

For those in Jersey who join in with liberation day, and not all do, the day is like a party, which it should be, and after the celebrations in the square, people convene to the beer tent and the pubs, while those of us who don't drink, are left feeling a bit lost.

I remember this conversation from liberation Day, 2 grockles and K.

Grockles to K: Oh this is fun! Are you here on holiday too?
K: No, I was down there on the pier when the Island was liberated.

I am glad I am not in Jersey today as I am not very well and would not be able to cope with the crowds, I can hardly walk.

The sad thing is to me, it feels as if Jersey was never properly liberated but is still under oppression, but they simply live with it now.

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